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Pedro Couto
Pedro Couto3 settimane fa
Hi. I have a question.
It's not to prove of disprove either creationism or evolution.
It's to know if you believe this argument is valid:
1) Rocks don't reproduce
2) Fossils are rocks
3) Therefore (from 1 and 2), a fossil did not have offspring
4) Therefore (from 3),  there is no scientific proof for macro evolution.

It doesn't matter if the conclusion is true: I just want to know what you think about the argument.

A YouTuber named Andrew McMahon made that argument and keeps spamming quoting me:
«"I would refuse to prove that a fossil had offspring because fossils cannot reproduce, since fossils are rocks and rocks don't reproduce."
"it seems to be impossible to prove it."»

Antonio Nuzzo
Antonio Nuzzo3 giorni fa
Hi. I am creationist believer. I'm looking for big toe of Australopithecus afarensis (in particular Selam )and
in the network I am able to find the articles that spoke of findings of parts of the foot, but not of the big toe;
do you have news and proof about it?
can you help me?
Joy White
Joy White11 mesi fa
What verse in the Bible proves the earth is only 6,000 years old.  My non-saved friend would like to know ASAP!  Please answer!  Thank you.

Mchl Smth

That is like asking what 1 piece of evidence proves evolution is true...There is no 1 verse that proves the earths age, just as there is no 1 piece of evidence evolutionists can hold up as proof positive...Think this thru...There are only to possibilities...Either God created everything or nothing created everything...If you can prove that nothing didn't create everything the only other possibility by default is true...Evolution, (1 kind becoming another kind) has never happened and, your friend try to say evolution only means change over time, don't be deceived...Look up and understand the difference between macro & micro evolution...I suggest you watch youtube video, "Astronomy Reveals Creation - Jason Lisle, PhD - Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis"..."Dr Jason Lisle - Astronomy Reveals 6,000 Year Old Earth"

der analoge
In Germany we also have layers with insects, plants and big animals . At the German GRUBE MESSEL world heritage site you can see these living fossils in OEL SCHIEFER stone . 
MichaelMMiddleton0982 anni fa
Any printed curriculum suitable for full-year home-school courses?  I was on staff at Last Days Ministries when you filmed a seminar there a couple of decades ago!  A small group of us visited the museum later... and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I am sure you have expanded a bit since then.  So happy to see this channel!