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1_2 [jew evil: of IMF curse ] as: never, you have avoided: [["True Word of God: Leviticus 19.33; and, you have avoided: all the Prophets,]]. To choose: one false word: ie, the word of god Satan owl Marduck Baal, that is: the wickedness: of the priests of the Temple: that introduced: in the Torah..?[[ SAID: "I ​​am the Lord: JHWH! When some stranger: he will live: with you in your country, do not do him wrong: [You do not wear: against: him: and will not sell to him: your damn money!]. Will treat the stranger as: who was born: in the midst of you: [and he? he is not: an animal in human form as it says: your Talmud!]

2_2 [jew evil: of IMF curse ]: You'll love him, as another yourself. For ye were strangers in the country of Egypt! I am the Lord your God: JHWH! you have to restore: my Unius Rei: today same, spontaneously: give to me: the IMF: and also: the New World Order: because: I am the only legitimate representative of all people! why, when: you will be: removed by force? you certainly: will die! You are escaped: why, failed the King Solomon, and you are escaped: why, failed: the Inquisition, but now, in this era: of global control? not. you could not escape: to me, none: also, if you change your sex!

@ IsraelNationalTV-> is clear: "anywhere in the world: there is: a mother: that she is suffering: together with her ​​child? ((I did not need the Internet: for to know that!)) In that place: it is committing, a grave injustice! ".. my instinct: of: Unius Rei: namely, ie, the metaphysical human: for universal brotherhood? is to intervene! In fact, I have no filters: of nature: ideology: religious or racial! because I am the universal brotherhood: that is, the value itself: of the human life: that: is: the natural law! man, every man: and, his fundamental rights: first!

@ IsraelNationalTV-> The Metaphysics: a scent: pure and powerful: of the Holy Spirit! is given: by God: in every pure heart(also if atheist): that is: to bless lives: all the human race, but: only: in unius Rei has become: a political mandate Universal .. However: this mandate? is humanly impossible to carry: on the planet: by a man only: here's why: I rejoice to do share: of my mandate: with to every man, that will prove: of to be worthy .. I watch: every man, for himself: and not: 1. for its past, or that due to its belonging! is why: are men: of the best virtues, that will to have the my power!

[all men are equal!] @ IsraelNationalTV-> the power of Unius Rei: is an absolute power: it is a monarchy on the World: and it is built on a pyramid: the glue of this structure? is the virtue! the most worthy: he salt:. the less worthy: he down! Every people, is led by its best citizens .. because: the care of God's heart: is only virtues: the virtues only, and not other: considerations: ideological racial religious, etc. ..

1/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Defeated people have no rights.Chains of deception are forged from links of ignorance.Equal distribution of poverty through tax slavery..You are only a slave when you agree you are slave. You may be a prisoner but without your agreement you are never a slave.I am NOT a slave. I do not agree to: be a slave. I will not be a slave. I am a dangerous prisoner. I have planned my escape.Army's cannot stop an idea whose time has come.the: ant has proved mightier than the: elephant!Conscious is the: voice of god in the: nature and heart of man. Tax is offensive to: the: conscious.A Liar becomes a thief. A thief becomes a murderer. Like thieves in the: night, what they do in the: darkness will come to: the: light.

2/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] People sheeple out sheep the: sheep. They need no sheep dog, they follow each other.the: liberty of man consists solely in that he obeys the: laws of nature, because he has himself recognized them: as such, and not because they have been imposed upon him externally by any foreign will whatsoever, human or divine, collective or individual. Learn your humanity from yourself through nature.GREAT MEN ARE ALMOST ALWAYS BAD MEN. to: receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads(APOCALISSE DI SAN GIOVANNI APOSTOLO):Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID). And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the: mark..

3/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] Reject the: beast, God will save us. That what we create to: serve us, ends up ruling us.Productivity equals enslavement. People fund their own slaughter houses, just like cattle. Usurers bleed the: poor to: death and grow fat on their substance, and I who live on alms, who feed on the: bread of the: poor, shall I then be mute before outraged charity? Dogs bark to: protect those who feed them:, and I, who am feed by the: poor, shall I see them: robbed of what belongs to: them: and keep silent?". If they give a prince or magistrate a thousand, they extort twenty thousand from the: subjects in payment. If you are fighting the: system: You are still in it!

4/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Opportunity knocks just once. Misfortune leans on the: doorbell! A good shephard does not kill his sheep, he shaves them:. When the: government fears the: people there is freedom,when the: people fear the: government there is tyranny. Admit nothing deny everything and make counter accusations. More than Cleverness, we need Kindness. Listen to: whispers; you won't have to: hear screams. Freedom is the: God given, human instinctual right to: act according to: ones will without being held up by the: power of others. Freedom is the: capacity to: determine your own choices, an absence of subordination, servitude and constraint. Freedom is the: absence of outward restraints.

5/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Freedom is being able to: do what you want to: do when you want to: do it without sacrificing morality, integrity, truth, and honesty.Freedom is not submitting to: the: immorality of thieves, liars, and murders.Freedom is self-reliance. Being able to: take care of yourself. He took great risk and underwent great discomfort in order to: leave a materially comfortable position in favor of freedom.I am willing to: live a poor, humble, and simple life way. It is hard but, if I can live free, I is worth it.Genocide using financial tactics.Resistance is Futile. the: collective assimilation integrate beings and cultures into their collective.

6Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]"You will be assimilated" no control center and distributed processing, resistance to: the: collective is futile It is the: future.Things you own end up owning you.Sometimes in life you must make changes to: make yourself happy.When we loose our morality we will have economic Kaos, Tax is theft, just because you call it something else it still is immoral and it will always cause economic kaos, evil collapsing upon its contradictions.the: truth has to: be faced.A man convinced against: his will is of the: same opinion still: Future events cast their shadows forward

7/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Highly organized, cleverly disguised, and powerfully promoted, secret combinations lusting for power, gain, and glory. Humanity will have to: recoginize and choose between good and evil.Sold out Pathetic slaves of arrogant and pompous political puppet wolves dressed in see-through sheepskins of false legitimacy.global banking kleptocracy.Once you seen the: two ton elephant over in the: corner you just can't pretend he ain't there. the: Truth is the: Truth pUre Warrior.. Debt Slaves can always be forced to: do the: bidding of the: puppet governments. All they do is use the: media to: announce a terrorist attack and denounce anyone who objects, and call them: traitors.

8/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]If you choose the: quick and easy path, you become an agent of evil.People will always support what they want to: hear. Therefore they will not support the: truth.You can not multiply wealth by dividing poverty.You can take my life, then you will have my dead body, but you will never have my obedience, I am not a debt slave.A little light will always light up a dark room but darkness will never darken a light room. Be a light.the: Hegelian Dialectic.Good always triumphs over evil.True love never dies.Under a government which imprisons unjustly; the: true place for a just man is also a prison

9/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Sheeple, If ye love wealth better than liberty, the: tranquility of servitude and safety, than the: animated contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the: hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!the: problem is the: way money is created and the: way money is collected. debt free digital economy No Usury money is only a monitary measurment no extorted tax theft collections and no prison planet: government needs rules and accounting to: the: people and the: people should control the: spending and the: direction:

10/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] the: media should be paid by and work for the: people and noone else: the: military should be for defence only, education should be from and for the: people and what the: people think their children should have available as Education, they should have choices and voices.the: difference between a slave and an ignorant person, a slave feels the: chains. Ignorance is bliss.In the: land of the: blind a one eyed man is king. A one legged man does not fair well in a ass kicking contest.We have to: keep stepping back to: see a bigger picture until we see god.If a government is funded by stealing from the: public the: most qualified people to: run the: government will be thieves.

11/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Tax is theft, we live on a prison planet of debt slaves.Corporate control to: capture humanity as debt slaves, with legal innovations, whereas historically the: puppet masters have worn a visible face, Now they hide behind prefered stock in central banks.Debt slaves in a slavocracy a demonic mechanization of servitude. Reach out with metaphor and subversive linguistic modification. Set yourself apart from the: pretending bilge. the: indoctrination program that begins with so-called education. the: great difficulty is that one must write to: a small audience. the: vast majority of citizens neither possess

12/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]the: requisite intellect nor the: ability to: pierce the: veil of misinformation to: get at the: noumena of their own reality. Pynchon's Slothrop in Gravity's Rainbow undergoes continuous entropy increase. With every new uncovering of the: code symbols surrounding his place in the: cosmos he loses information, interconnections growing boundless, the: more he learns the: more uncertain he becomes until he disintegrates. Meanwhile, all those entangled with him suffer a slow freeze, entropy decreasing until they are immobilized without possibility of surprise. Lies in politics are truths in fiction. the: penalty for producing or owning is extorted theft, called tax.

13/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Modern man has the: sense that change is IMPOSED on him; whereas the: 19th century frontiersman had the: sense that he created change himself Today people live more by virtue of what the: system does FOR them: or to: them: rather than by virtue of what they do for themselves. Don't Wake a Sleeping Giant. Taxes are not moral, and taxation is really theft, the: difference is that the: normal thief doesn't pretend to: have your best interests in mind when he robs you, so taxes is not just theft, its also a lie, and, a threat or extortion, and with the: threat of prison we add torture, and the: potential to: get life imprison its also murder.

14/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Trust occurs by grace alone; through faith alone is usually a lie. the: great difficulty is that the: vast majority of humans neither possess the: requisite intellect nor the: ability to: pierce the: veil of misinformation to: get at the: noumena of their own reality. Corporate control to: capture humanity as debt slaves, with legal innovations whereas historically the: masters have worn a visible face, now they hide behind preferred stock in central banks. Debt slaves in a slavocracy Tax a demonic mechanization of servitude. A positive anything is better than a negative nothing. Justice is the: foundation of peace. Trust is the: foundation of Justice.

15/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Trust is gained by sharing. Produce more than you need and share the: excess with others. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. I am a champion of life liberty and the: pursuit of happiness. Change always comes bearing gifts.""no" is the: most powerful word that a free individual can utter -- No, will be my final answer.Hunting ain't no fun when the: rabbit got the: gun! "the: last official act of any government is to: loot the: nation.". We are immortal concousness beings who at rebirth have forgoten their past only to: reawaken again and again.

16/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Failure is doing the: same wrong thing over and over again? My purpose is to: reject the: lie and accept the: truth. the: Truth is the: Truth. We should not borrow from our future instead we need to: save to: the: future. Hanging on in quiet desperation. THESE are the: times that try men's souls. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered. Using the: Debt Issue of money and extorted theft called tax, is a evil intentional system of failure. with a purpose to: force a submissive cowardly immoral controllable population, if you win you fail and if you loose you fail so it promotes a give up mentality of submission.

17/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]If you win, For example: the: country is doing well and expanding in prosperity, it needs more money. This money is created out of thin air at no cost (digitized). Created in secret by hidden ownership and loaned to: the: country as a compound interest loan, at usury and creates a compounding penalty that increases exponentially.New money issued of debt used to: increase circulation, this debt is collected through extorted theft called tax, creating a debt slave population of submitters, and when they fail to: pay they go into jail.

18/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Jail paid for by borrowing more money into circulation thus causing more compounded debt thus causing more extorted theft tax collection and again a more submissive cowering population. No phone, no pool, no pets, no cigarettes. Ultimate freedom. An extremist. An aesthetic voyager whose home is the: road. Escaped from coporate prison. I will not return, the: final and greatest adventure. the: climactic battle to: kill the: false being within and victoriously conclude the: spiritual revolution. No longer to: be poisoned by civilization he flees, and walks alone upon the: land to: become lost in the: wild. Sleepers need at some point to: awaken.

19/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Quiet contemplation. A quiet, secluded life in the: country. I follow my instincts and trust myself. Divine Guidance accomplish our purpose. Guidance with his eye, this is the: way, when we are in danger of turning aside either to: the: right hand or to: the: left. For this is your purpose, given us to: encourage us to: the: path of duty. Two groups of people: 1. Those that actively run humanity for their own private benefit. 2. the: victims who are raped pillaged and imprisoned. Cooperative Behavior Cascades in Human Social Networks. Power attracts the: very sort of humans who should never have it,

20/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]there is a good reason to: abandon large singular power points instead use a system of power being dispersed until the: multitude deem it be concentrated a natural flow of power. Two men have no more natural right to: exercise any kind of authority over one, than one has to: exercise the: same authority over two. A man's natural rights are his own, against: the: whole world; and any infringement of them: is equally a crime, whether committed by one man, or by millions; whether committed by one man, calling himself a robber, (or by any other name indicating his true character,) or by millions, calling themselves a government.

21/38.[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] It would be absurd for the: most numerous party to: talk of establishing a government over the: less numerous party Our Constitution does not profess to: have been established simply by the: majority; but by "the: people;" the: minority, as much as the: majority the: principle that the: majority have a right to: rule the: minority, practically resolves all government into a mere contest between two bodies of men, as to: which of them: shall be masters, and which of them: slaves; a contest, that — however bloody — can, in the: nature of things, never be finally closed, so long as man refuses to: be a slave.

22/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]There's just Love, and Me. Not blind love but experienced love, patient love, intelligent love, we all know that's the: true solution. We must learn how to: neutralize evil, much as a mother holding a helpless crying baby, with love. For if we must use evil to: conquer evil we become what we detest. It is time for individuals to: start taking actions. Time for self reliance. Time for resistance and time end debt slavery lets neutralize the: Depopulation agenda and move out into the: Universe release our species from self-imposed shackles of this prison planet of debt slaves and move on into a new era for humanity.

23Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] When a country ceeds its most important responsibility to: Issue its own curency it no longer exists, therefore I only recognize and accept Individules. In day to: day life I strive to: avoid the: Corp Debt Slaves they seem to: be void of humanity in many ways. People are motivated by their needs and unmotivated by their fears. They got control of the: money supply and then went on to: purchase everything they needed to: control the: flow of information and the: perception of culture. Then, under false pretenses, they stole Palestine in the: Middle East from the: people of the: book and made it against: the: law to: question

24/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]the: genesis so that they could present themselves as Semitic, while genociding the: actual Semitics and using the: catch-club phrase of anti-Semitic, to: protect them: from exposure as being crypto-commie reptiles, masquerading as the: ones whose culture they want to: wipe out in order to: legitimize their own. Humans once were fiercely independent and would never consider running to: the: government to: solve their problems. Today we are a sad lot of whinny cry babies looking for someone to: hand out free pacifiers. Either we work for the: government sucking directly off the: teat or we work for a corporation who is paid by the: government again sucking the: government teat.

25/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] A new old immoral government system called Kleptocracy. Things get easier once you understand. to: beat the: Matrix do you have to: go into the: Matrix and use the: matrix against: itself, destroy it from within? My gut instinct is to: not bow before the: beast, its all about doing acts of obedience, is the: ultimate act of obedience, becoming an matrix expert so as to: be free of the: matrix by its own rules with the: ultimate act of obedience, devotion to: knowledge of the: rules of the: matrix. Tax avoidance and rejection strategies will collapse the: evil matrix. Who creates the: money has the: sole ultimate power of the: creditor controlling everyone through false debt.

26/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] Money needs to: be used as a measurement and not have value onto itself, thus eliminating Usury. For example one coin represents a measurement of time and effort so it can be of consistent value in all exchanges. Evil collapses on its own because it is inherently contradictory. Evil people always attack rather than face their own failures. When you create the: money you purchase and own all sides thus creating a Hegelian Dialectic all sides controlled by one entity, complete control the: matrix. Tax is a demonic control mechanization of servitude through false debt. It has created a humanity of immoral submitters, to: extorted theft.

27/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] This mandatory act of evil obedience creates a cowering species that perpetuates a genocidal path to: extinction. a new financial system that puts humanity in the: creditor position giving them: the: miracle of compounding interest rates, (Usury) and put the: central bank in the: debtor, slave position. the: government accruing wealth reserves in their treasuries the: people being paid as the: true owners of the: nation the: bank corporation and its owners in perpetual compounding debt at usury. the: Cave is a grave. Mass consciousness, if you spread information that makes others to: have to: choose between Awareness or denial and Confidence or fear,

28/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] 95% of the: people out of fear will not make a choice. Without true leaders, they await enough of a group consensus to: form, so they can follow along. Natural leaders comprise 5% of the: population? Group consensus is caused by the: 5% natural leaders. Knowing this and spreading it, makes you are a natural leader. A worldwide system of money issued out of thin air at no cost digitized without accountability to: humanity thus putting those who create it in a superior CREDITOR position leaving the: rest of humanity in subservient debt position, a master, and slave relationship. Money created as a false debt, created with nothing of value exchanged, created causing a perpetual compounding usury debt.

29/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] This false debt then used to: justify a collection system, requiring humanity do cowardly immoral acts of submissive obedience through a debt slave control system of extorted theft called tax. the: creation of money for the: purpose of false debt used to: enslave humanity into perpetual cowardly immoral acts of submission. So one must ask is money worth giving up ones freedom. Is it better to: be a slave a prisoner or a collaborator? the: collaborators perpetuate the: system giving it an unholy life of its own through several veils of hidden ownership and nepotism attracting immoral humans who desire power wealth and greed.

30/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] the: slaves defend their immoral position justifying their immoral cowardly acceptance of immoral extorted theft tax. They are dumbed down drugged propagandized and genocided. Every atrocity is heaped upon the: debt slaves they are owned from birth as property.
the: prisoners are either former slaves who have attempted to: break free or collaborators who have found their humanity or collaborator spies.
No one in the: system can be free even those evil bustards who are the: real owners and creators of debt money, they have to: always hide the: truth of their evil enterprise, they have great power but the: contradiction is that

31/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]they can not have the: debt slaves know who they really are and what they really have done. Evil is a contradiction and collapses upon itself. It really just boil's down to:. Good and evil. Individual choice, each person not only gets to: choose, but get to: change their minds as often as their lives allow. Good will prevail through patience and intelligence. Good always finds the: optimum way while evil always fails because of its contradictions. Evil is an inferior matrix control system. Government is the: employment of policemen, soldiers, and prison guards. the: business of government is the: enforcement of its decrees by beating, killing, and imprisoning.

32/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]I am a Walker; I find my last freedom in walking. Sociopaths run the: entire world. Truth very accurate truth. ''Everything is backwards...Doctors Destroy Health... Lawyers Destroy Justice...Universities Destroy Knowledge... Governments Destroy Freedom...Major Media Destroy Information... Religions Destroy Spirituality.''. not to: use violence in fighting for our cause, but by non-participation in anything you believe is evil. Happy slaves are the: grimmest enemies of freedom. lambs will suck in vengeance at the: teats of irony. the: system of Governments is a Fraud created as a debt slave control mechanism by the: Rothschild bankgangster kabal.

33/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] We are individuals, gangs are where cowards go to: become bullies. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them: tolerable, I tolerate them:; if I find them: too obnoxious, I break them:. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. Time is god's way of making sure everything doesn't happen at once. That said time has accelerated and allot of things in time are occurring faster. Torsion Field Hyper Dimensional Physics run the: solar system

34/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the: tranquility of servitude greater than the: animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the: hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.". I intend to: show the: world that a free soveriegn human, contending for his liberty, is superior to: any sole out whore puppet Debt Slave mercenary on this earth. Life, Liberty, and the: persuit of happiness. You can take my life for I will die at some point anyway but I will defend myself.

35/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] You can take my happiness for I have known a life with many times of unhappiness and I will still survive and go on. If you atempt to: take my liberty you will have to: fight for your life. In life what you focus upon consistantly is what you get, what you suppress is what you get if you consistantly focus upon it so it is best to: reject what you wish to: supress and not focus upon it. Everything is integral with unlimited dimensions. Moral Cowards submitting to: liar's thieves and murders. Now I'm a bicyclist still free and a little faster. America's pastors and churches are IRS 501c3 non-profit tax status,

36/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]] which turns the: Lord's church into a government corporation another group of sold out whore puppets who will promote extorted theft called tax as long as they are exempt. the: Rothschild agenda is to: reduce the: population from 7 billion humans down to: 1 billion the: possibility of extinction may occur. Only if and when the: right to: survival is perceived to: be threatened, will they turn on their tormentors. Immoral Extorted theft justified by false national debt. False national debt created out of thin air through the: issue of Digitized Fiat Debt Issue at Usury money.

37/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]Usurers bleed the: poor to: death and grow fat on their substance, and I who live on alms, on the: bread of the: poor, shall I then be mute before outraged charity? Dogs bark to: protect those who feed them:, and I, who am fed by the: poor, shall I see them: robbed of what belongs to: them: and keep silent? Silence is Betrayal. Who creates the: money has the: sole ultimate power of the: creditor controlling everyone through false debt. When a country cedes its most important responsibility, (issue of money) and allows a private corporation (Federal Reserve Bank) to: Issue its money, That country no longer exists, its only an illusion.

38/38.Time4solutions:[against:[[SEIGNIORAGE BANKING]]It is time for individuals to: start taking actions. Time for self reliance. Time for resistance and time to: end this debt slavery, lets end the: Depopulation agenda and release our species from the: shackles of debt issue and the: control mechanism, extorted theft called tax. Time to: end the: prison planet of debt slaves and move on into a new era.. Learn your humanity from yourself through nature. "Lucifer is a fallen angel who was the: head of the: ministry of music in Heaven". Note that the: ultimatly evil humans are tuned to: clasical music. As they ban humanity from truth they expose themselves as liars. Debt issued money is genocidial extinction of humanity.

Benjamin Netanyahu: se, tu non riesci oggi: ad abbattere i caccia turchi che colpiscono i Curdi, se non riesci ad imporre una Nazione Curda in Siria, se, tu non ti impegni nel conquistare Iraq e Siria per annetterla ad Israele, tu non riuscirai mai a salvare Israele dalla distruzione! tu hai bisogno di Spazio, e di alleati! gli Sciiti possono essere i tuoi alleati: contro i sunniti! il tuo predominio militare è fittizio perché il tuo territorio è troppo limitato, se tu fossi colpito da 20.000 missili balistici, tu avresti una morte immediata!

Benjamin Netanyahu ] [ veri che i tuoi giudeo massoni JaBullOn talmud Agenda, il satanismo ideologico e pratico del SpA Banca Mondiale: tutti i popoli del mondo devono essere schiavi della usura, che, loro hanno pianificato di disintegrare Israele e la LEGA ARABA, insieme? mi hanno distrutto questo canale
666GiudaicoMassonica [ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXVZgISuvgaidc8CxTsVZLA ] 3.865 video [il rabbino capo: "Di Segni", parla molto chiaramente all'incontro con la massoneria del grande oriente d'italia... "mio padre diceva, che, della vecchia accusa mussoliniana del "demo-pluto-giudaico-massone" lui non era soltanto "pluto"

Benjamin Netanyahu tu dillo a tutti: il Regno delle 12 Tribù di Israele è già quì: ed io non ho nessun problema, con il fare cataste di cadaveri! ] questo è il mio Regno Universale Unius REI: la fratellanza universale: uguali diritti ed uguali doveri per tutti: liberate i prigionieri! TUTTI DEVONO PRENDERE CONSAPEVOLEZZA DI QUESTO, NECESSARIAMENTE, e, se Obama, GENDER, Merkel, Zapatero, loro vogliono andare, e mandare i loro popoli a Sodoma, si possono fare montare dai montoni: anche loro, e molti lo fanno pure, con il loro permesso anche oggi, infatti a Sodoma i maschi non erano sufficienti! TUTTE COSE GIà VISTE! ma, questo è il mio Regno e loro devono ballare la mia musica! LORO DICONO: "cosa ti abbiamo fatto?" "in che cosa noi ti abbiamo provocato?" MA, TUTTE LE VOLTE CHE VOI CALPESTATE IL POVERO, CHE VOI AVETE DERUBATO di OGNI DIGNITà, ATTRAVERSO IL FURTO DELLA SOVRANITà MONETARIA? VOI CALPESTATE ANCHE ME, ED INFATTI CONTINUATE A FARE I MASSONI SATANISTI farisei islamici E, voi continuate a CALPESTATE LA MIA REGALITà! Ecco perché io vi farò condannare a morte, infatti voi state portando tutti i figli di Dio a satana, e questo nessuno lo può negare, dato che voi avete trasformato i principi in scimmie evolute GENDER DARWIN: senza nessuna dimostrazione scientifica, infatti lo evoluzionismo è una teosofia satanica dogmatica, è soltanto una religione! tutto questo, io lo giuro non passerà!

my holy JHWH ] oggi mi sento buono e voglio essere gentile con tutti! [ ma, non abbiamo noi sempre detto, che, Abramo fu premiato a motivo della sua FEDE, e che fu la sua FEDE a fargli compiere opere mirabili? Dunque, tutti gli uomini possono essere premiati per la loro fede assai di più che non per le loro opere! ] ok, quì c'è troppa gente che crede che il mio ministero POLITICO UNIVERSALE GOVERNATORE Unius REI possa uccidere e rovinare in modo soprannaturale tutti i nostri nemici.. e TUTTO questo è ANCHE ragionevole: " INFATTI, a me non va di disattendere le aspettative dei miei amici e fratelli!" ] anche perché, non sia mai che qualcuno possa dire: "il Signore Iddio HOLY JHWH, proprio lui è complice della ingiustizia!"

Benjamin Netanyahu ] è inutile che vengono a piangere da te, le piattole, scarafaggi, usurai, lucertole, topi, scorpioni, iene, serpenti e tutti i loro Farisei massoni islamici GENDER di merda! [ se, noi potevamo controllare la metafisica? poi, essa sarebbe un atto di idolatria e noi saremmo nel soprannaturale come la magia dei sacerdoti di satana, ma, invece, la Metafisica è un dato oggettivo della fede! infatti, la metafisica è la applicazione politica della Sapienza di Dio, poi, è per questo che la Metafisica è eterna: è lei che interpreta noi, non siamo noi che interpretiamo lei! QUESTO è IL TRIONFO DELLA FEDE e la manifestazione della potenza della Parola!

Benjamin Netanyahu ] è molto grave che, i sacerdoti di satana: religione negativa, siano più preparati teologicamente ed esperti del soprannaturale, di tutti coloro che si dichiarano credenti in Dio di ogni religione positiva nel mondo! [ Quando su https://www.youtube.com/user/youtube/discussion [ il mio ufficio ] io per tre ore, io ho tradotto e pregato lentamente sulla pagina di youtube: un 70% del Piccolo libro della Sapienza del nostro Re Salomone,] [ quindi sulla pagina calò un sacro rispetto, nessuno osava più scrivere qualcosa! Quindi, i sacerdoti di satana, che all'epoca avevano il controllo e la gestione del Governo massonico mondiale di youtube (prima che loro fossero stati: danneggiati, sconfitti, uccisi, danneggiati e costretti a lasciare il controllo di youtube da me: che io ho fatto licenziare, e cacciare da youtube molti di loro ) Allora, perché, loro mi hanno distrutto il mio "uniusrei2", che non aveva nessuna penalità? Perché hanno avuto così tanta paura del libro scritto dal Re Salomone? Proprio: perché temevano la mia teologia razionale e laica universale, per realizzare la mia fratellanza universale: un progetto politico universale, fondato filosoficamente sulle conclusioni filosofiche del grande filosofo francese Maritain: la metafisica umanistica e personalistica! COSì, PIù E PIù VOLTE LORO HANNO FATTO LA DRAMMATICA ESPERIENZA CHE NON ESISTE UN MODO PER FERMARE UNIUS REI, E CHE OGNI OPPOSIZIONE CONTRO DI LUI NE AUMENTA AUTORITà POTENZA ED EFFETTO DEVASTANTI! così, hanno capito che la loro strategia migliore sarebbe stata quella del mio isolamento e quindi mi fanno leggere i miei blog: intelligenza artificiale, biologia sintetica: Gmos Agenda: che è tutto un satanismo del sistema massonico MERKEL OBAMA, MI FANNO LEGGERe I miei BLOG da migliaia di computer, ma, non ci sono persone che leggono i miei blog: infatti!

Majority of Americans Want Congress to Reject Iran Nuclear Deal. Most Americans do not believe the nuclear deal with Iran will succeed and they want Congress to reject it, a recent poll indicates.
The majority of Americans want Congress to reject thenuclear deal signed between the Iran and the P5+1 powers, according to a CNN/ORC poll. Overall, 52 percent say Congress should reject the deal, and 44 percent say it should be approved. Congress is deliberating over the deal and is expected to vote on it in September.
Some opposition to the deal may be fueled by skepticism about its implementation, CNN explained.
A CNN/ORC poll in late June, conducted as the deal was being finalized, found that nearly two-thirds of adults thought it was unlikely the negotiations would result in an agreement that is supposed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. As may be expected, the poll finds a sharp partisan gap on whether Congress should approve the deal, with 66 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of Independents saying Congress should reject it, and 61 percent of Democrats saying it should be approved.
Another poll recently conducted by ABC News and the Washington Postshowed that the vast majority of US citizens do not believe the Iranians will comply with the deal. Two-thirds expressed skepticism.
The new CNN/ORC poll, conducted by telephone at the end of July among a random sample of 1,017 adults, also found that only 49 percent approve of the way Obama is handling his job, while 47 percent disapprove. This is similar to a June survey, which found the president’s approval rating at only 50 percent for the first time since 2013.
By: United with Israel Staff

Rothschild hell

 ÚLTIMA HORA: Magníficas y muy esperanzadoras noticias. Miércoles, 22-07-2015: la Corte Suprema de Pakistán ha decidido suspender la aplicación de la pena de muerte que pesaba sobre Asia y ha ordenado repetir el juicio que  la había condenado a muerte. Aunque está YA en libertad... Asia ha decidido permanecer en la cárcel hasta el próximo juicio. Por seguridad. Es el único sitio en el que tiene cierta garantía de que no será asesinada por cualquiera.
Por eso es importantísimo que hagamos un esfuerzo inmediato, urgente, suficiente, para conseguir que se fije pronto una fecha para el nuevo juicio y que, en éste, sea declarada, en justicia, inocente. Es tu mujer, tu madre, tu hermana, una hija... Sabes que para que no la maten y la liberen, es imprescindible que se hable mucho de ella, que se conozca su caso, que, en todo el mundo y desde todo el mundo, se mantenga la presión para que su terrible historia no se olvide.
Tienes fe y esperanza, eso te sostiene, pero necesitas que te ayuden... desesperadamente.
Pides esa ayuda a una organización que reúne nada menos que a 2.800.576 de ciudadanos claramente comprometidos con la defensa de la vida, la familia y la libertad religiosa. lorenzo: Esa es la situación de Asia Bibi. Y tú y yo somos uno (dos) de esos 2.800.576 ciudadanos claramente comprometidos a los que Asia y su familia han acudido pidiendo ayuda. ¿Vamos a hacerlo? ¿Vamos a conseguir que el documental que cuenta su drama (y que quizá le salve la vida y le consiga la libertad) se difunda en todo el mundo, por todo el mundo? Por favor, ayúdame (a ayudar) a salvarla haciendo el mayor donativo que te sea posible. Aquí: https://donate.citizengo.org/es/ Hoy es un gran día para la alegría (dentro de esta situación) y la esperanza. Muchas gracias por hacerlo posible. Que Dios te lo pague.

Rothschild hell
Israeli strike in Syria said to target notorious terrorist Samir Kuntar
A reported Israeli airstrike on a car in the Syrian Golan Heights targeted notorious terrorist Samir Kuntar, Channel 2 reported Wednesday, based on Arab sources. Five men were killed in the strike. Three were identified by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as belonging to a Druze militia based in the Syrian Druze village of Hader and loyal to the Assad regime and Hezbollah. The other two men were members of Hezbollah. “An Israeli plane hit a car inside the town of Hader, killing two men from Hezbollah, and three men from the pro-regime popular committees in the town,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Observatory, a watchdog tracking the civil war raging in Syria since 2011. Kuntar spent 29 years in Israeli custody over the brutal slaying of four Israelis in a 1979 terror raid on the northern Israeli town of Nahariya, an attack in which he smashed the head of four-year-old Einat Haran with his rifle butt.
Watch Here
After his release in a 2008 prisoner exchange with Hezbollah, Kuntar was celebrated in Lebanon and Syria. He became the leader of a militia based in Hader and loyal to Assad, and has planned multiple attacks against IDF soldiers on the Golan Heights. The IDF declined to comment on the attack. Israeli officials have raised alarms over the presence of Iranian and Hezbollah fighters using positions in the Syrian Golan, partially held by rebel forces, to attack Israel. In January, Israel reportedly carried out an air strike on a group of Iranian and Hezbollah fighters, killing six people, including Hezbollah commander Jihad Mughniyeh and an Iranian general. Rebel fighters, including Islamists, have almost completely surrounded Hader for over a month after fierce clashes with Assad loyalists. Israel’s own significant Druze minority has expressed concern that their brethren in Syria would be targeted by rebels there.

Rothschild hell

WATCH: US General Blasts the Iran Nuclear Deal. US Army General Paul Vallely very intelligently rips apart the Iran nuclear deal prior to joining the large rally in New York City where thousands protested the deal.
Vallely shows how the deal has many benefits for Iran, but none for Israel. He explains that the threat of Saudi Arabia gaining nuclear weapons is real, showing how they have lost all respect for the US.
As Vallely points out, Iran is responsible for killing more Americans since the early 1970’s than any other country. People do not realize how dangerous this deal really is.
Rothschild hell

Cari amici, Ho appena creato una nuova petizione e spero vorrete firmarla, si chiama: ai Capi di Stato: salviamo le vittime dal nazismo della Sharia. È una questione molto importante per me e insieme possiamo fare la differenza! Se la firmerete e poi la condividerete con i vostri amici e contatti, riusciremo presto a ottenere il nostro obiettivo di 200 firme e potremo cominciare a fare pressione per ottenere il risultato che vogliamo.
Clicca qui per saperne di più e per firmare:
Campagne come questa partono sempre in piccolo, ma crescono se persone come noi si attivano: ti prego di prenderti un momento per dare una mano firmando e spargendo subito la voce.
Grazie mille, Lorenzo

Rothschild hell https://www.youtube.com/user/HELL322GEENNA/discussion

ai Capi di Stato: salviamo le vittime dal nazismo della Sharia. un Islam ideologizzato geopolitico è strumentalizzato dalla sharia della LEGA ARABA, di maniaci religiosi intolleranti, diventa il carburante per tutta la galassia jihadista, lanciata in una tragica conquista del mondo è fonte dei crimini inauditi contro la dignità umana, contro la sopravvivenza dei cristiani e contro la uguaglianza dei cittadini di fronte alla legge, senza reciprocità, senza libertà di religione. Dove sono finiti i diritti umani universali in quel traditore di ONU? Si alzi forte la voce di tutti i Governi del mondo contro i nazisti islamici che sono tutti i Governi criminali della LEGA ARABA oggi al potere!

Satana 322 Bush ] ma io posso sapere chi ha messo questo codice tag di colore grigio trasparente per il mio testo in bianco e nero? [ <div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
<div style="background: #f5f5f5; line-height: 100%; margin-bottom: 0cm;">
<span style="background-color: transparent]

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI
la morale GENDER di OBAMA: voi avete fatto dei popoli Occidentali, un solo grande branco di porci depravati! Infatti, questo porco di un sacerdote di satana del NWO, sposato con una 23enne e con due figli, disse a me: [[ IHateNEWLAYOUT I off line have s. E. X girls" ]] e lui ha dimostrato di sapere cose mie segrete, che soltanto con: 1. la magia nera, 2. in modo soprannaturale, oppure, con: 3. una tecnologia segreta, lui avrebbe mai potuto sapere di poter conoscere di me!

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI
LEGA ARABA ] avete visto come si sgonfia subito quel vostro cazzone di NWO, che, vi permette di uccidere così tanti martiri cristiani innocenti? Infatti, la PAROLA della VERITà: è l'arma più potente! [ non fa niente che, voi avete progettato di uccidermi come una schiavo dhimmi, mentre io ho progettato di salvarvi! NON FA NIENTE! ]  dopotutto lo sanno tutti: io sono UNIUS REI e voi siete i pezzi di merda!

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI
Putin RUSSIA ] quando con le tue truppe tu sbarcherai sul suolo USA per invaderlo e conquistarlo, tu farai avanzare la doppia croce ortodossa: perché i demoni non abbiano potere contro di te, perché tutto il popolo americano comprenda, come sono profondamente radicate in Satana tutte le loro Istituzioni, e tutto il loro sistema sociale massonico, del potere governativo, bancario, SpA, ecc.. una sola infestazione demonica! MA PER DISINTEGRARE, TUTTE LE Orribili ANGOSCIATI LORO CITTà SOTTERRANEE ( UNO STATO AUTONOMO SATANICO SEGRETO OCCULTO PARASSITA, cioè, uno Stato nello STATO che tutti conosciamo, e CHE è UNA PARVENZA DI STATO, CON POLITICI ATTORI, senza nessun potere reale alla #OBAMA #GENDER) TU AVRAI BISOGNO DI #BOMBE #ATOMICE, PER fare QUEL LAVORO DI PURIFICAZIONE, di quelle città sotterranee dove nessuno può entrare, la DOVE OGNI CONCETTO di Umanità, e di giustizia è SPARITO da tempo! MA, I SATANISTI MASSONI USERANNO CONTRO DI TE, armi atomiche PER TENTARE DI FERMARTI, e per cercare di difendere le loro città sotterranee!

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI

Benjamin Netanyahu ] ti potrà sembrare una barzelletta, ed invece è una cosa tragica! [ non è facile per una Creatura litigare: contro: il proprio Santissimo e perfettissimo Creatore: proprio a motivo, non tanto delle proporzioni quantitative e qualitative, quanto dei vincoli di amore che rendono ogni relazione una relazione tra pari, fiducia e rispetto reciproci: messi a dura prova, dal tempo della attesa: del giorno di Dio: la speranza della liberazione per tutto il genere umano, cioè, IL NOSTRO REGNO DELLE 12 Tribù DI ISRAELE! ma, io non sono il tipo che, ama attendere troppo a lungo la applicazione della giustizia politica ] MA, DIO nostro holy JHWH holy MI HA DETTO: "QUESTO della giustizia politica? è PIù UN MIO PROBLEMA, CHE non il TUO PROBLEMA! TU NON AVERE TUTTA QUESTA FRETTA, PERCHé, IL TEMPO è UN GALANTUOMO: TEMPO AL TEMPO, vediamo, piuttosto i ribelli, in quale forca, da soli, si vanno a stringere la testa!"

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI

#Benjamin #Netanyahu ] non sono il tipo che si vanta prima del tempo! [ infatti, io non mi sono ancora vantato, di avere messo lo scalpo, di quello #usuraio #satanista #fariseo #strozzino #Merkel #troika il creditore: #SpA #322 Fmi, #SpA 666 #Banca #Mondiale, di Rothschild 666 Talmud agenda nella mia cintura! ] ovviamente, è solo una questione di tempo!

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI

OBAMA CALIFFO GENDER SHARIA IL NAZISMO ] cazzo [ tu vuoi dire alle tue lucertole CIA OCI, che non devono assorbire totalmente tutta la mia banda fibra ottica super veloce, assorbire tutta loro?

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI

al GOVERNO MASSONICO MONDIALE DI YOUTUBE ] [ ovviamente, la parola si onora, ed i patti si rispettano, altrimenti salta tutto! .. e come crolla quel cazzone di NWO, 322 NUOVO ORDINE MONDIALE 666 SATANA di Kerry, OBAMA IL CALIFFATO SHARIA GENDER in frantumi? poi, morite tutti sotto le macerie! ED IO NON SONO IL NEMICO DELLE ISTITUZIONI E NON SONO UN RIVOLUZIONARIO FORCAIOLO! io lascio fare a Dio a suo tempo il suo lavoro sporco contro di voi!
LorenzoJHWH Unius REI

Salman dell'Arabia Saudita psicopatico OR "Sette Sudayri Allah idolo califfato tutti i, succhiatori del dio gufo JaBullOn Baal 322 NWO SpA 666  la bestia: un solo anticristo" ] è INUTILE che tu fai gli attentati intimidatori, ai consolati italiani, loro sono troppo coglioni per capire qualcosa, e se, forse, potrebbero qualcosa capire? loro sono troppo massoni per prendere delle coerenti iniziative: in modo autonomo! è come se, tu volessi pretendere da Obama una sua iniziativa, ben sapendo che i nostri politici sono attori di un sistema massonico militare piramidale, di cui è il satanismo la struttura più interna (infatti tutti tacciono di fronte al crimine di alto tradimento del signoraggio bancario).. Quindi la Germania finge di essere amica di Israele, mentre altre Nazioni fingono di essere amici della Palestina, mentre è tutta la truffa di una sola regia, che si trova nel Farisei Talmud e #kabbalah.. ecco perché, se tu vuoi sopravvivere tu devi cambiare i tuoi piani segreti, smettere di complottare inseme a Rothschild contro Israele, e costringere Rothschild a venire nel Regno di Israele... TU NON HA UNA POSSIBILITà IDEOLOGICA, CULTURaLE O POLITICA DI SOPRAVVIVERE, Perché, TUTTA LA MERDA CHE TU HAI DIFFUSO NEL MONDO? HITLER NON LO AVEVA ancora FATTO!

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI

my Jhwh holy [ [ se, l'ebreo migliore del mondo, lui mi dicesse: le vere parole di Dio, le migliori parole del mondo, senza prima parlarmi della sua soluzione per superare il signoraggio bancario, che è schiavitù e satanismo a livello mondiale? poi, non ci potrebbe mai essere nulla che io potrei accettare da lui.. così come, io non potrei mai accettare nulla di buono o di vero da un musulmano, se, prima, lui non mi dice, come potrà fare condannare il nazismo omicida della sharia per fare riconoscere i diritti umani universali sanciti dallo ONU nel 1948. SE, io NON AVRò UNA RISPOSTA a queste MIE PROBLEMATICHE? poi è evidente farisei e islamici in genere, LORO hanno pensato che la guerra mondiale per ora è una buona occasione per fare sparire la civiltà ebraico cristiana, ecco perché Russia, Europa e Israele, SPARIRANNO!

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI

#Salman #Arabia #Saudita ] brutta troia di uno psicopatico [ uno dei cosiddetti "Sette #Sudayri" TUTTI INCULATI COME MAOMETTO dai Farisei che hanno fondato l'ISLAM Coranico ] io ho saputo che, tu hai speso tanti soldi per fare parlare bene, mettere in luce positiva, la tua merda #Maometto #Sharia. ARABIA SAUDITA, dove ci sono tante chiese cristiane e dove i cristiani sono anche liberi di pregare Gesù nelle loro case. ecco perché in ONU circa il tuo nazismo pedofilia poligamia bomba demografica #Erdogan, apostasia blasfemia pena di morte, per loro va tutto bene! Purtroppo, però voi avete fatto un fatale errore, cioè, perché voi non avete mai pensato di pagare anche me.. Anzi Rothschild mi voleva comprare, con la tazzina di un caffè, ma, ora, io non credo che, lui potrà mai fare il Nuovo Ordine mondiale, SpA 666 Fmi, così come tu non potrai mai fare il Califfato Mondiale, sharia, morte a tutti gli infedeli, semplicemente perché voi siete troppo taccagni!

LorenzoJHWH Unius REI

gli ebrei hanno l'immenso valore di dire un mare di verità, in mezzo ad un oceano di raffinata ipocrisia assassina, infatti nessuno di loro dice del #signoraggio #bancario che è il satanismo del talmud, che, è innalzare proprio satana sul mondo, è vero che l'Ebraismo è caduto in apostasia, e questo è il motivo perché #JHWH fece cacciare dai romani tutti gli ebrei! ] [ per certi aspetti, i musulmani hanno diritto a fare degli attentati, da questo punto di vista ] [ How does a man kill ‘in God’s name’? asks former UK #Chief #Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Published: July 8, 2015 by Ronald #Boyd-MacMillan
A vital text in winning the peace' - Sacks' new book, Hodder & Stoughton] Ten years on from the 7/7 London bombings, in which 52 people were killed and hundreds were injured by four separate suicide bombers, the world is still looking for an answer as to why religious people kill in the name of God. “When religion turns men into murderers, God weeps.”
So starts the first line of Jonathan Sack’s new book, Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence, revealing a book bv a believer distressed not only by the violence, but puzzled by the theological tragedy that drives the violence.  He wants to know what makes religious people kill in the name of God, and shows broad learning in evolutionary biology, social psychology, sociology and theology to present an argument that is sure to enlighten as well as provoke.

CIAkillYourTubexIMF  said to Satana years ago ] [ CIA Mossad Sharia Talmud: 666 322 freemasons Satanists Rothschild Rockefeller etc. .. seigniorage banking NWO kabbalah IMF: ECB FED etc. .. Bildenberg Trilateral .. criminal killers: ruthless predators .. grove owl god: to the grove of your mother .. . I have some advice for you: "Kill yourself in bulk!" and: "take out your paws: from my youtube: because: This is my office!" CIA Talmud Sharia #Mossad: 666 322 #freemasons #satanists #Rothschild #Rockefeller: ecc.. #kabbalah IMF #NWO seigniorage #banking: #FED #BCE ecc.. Bildenberg Trilaterale .. criminali assassini: spietati predatori.. dio gufo al boschetto di vostra madre.. . io ho un consiglio per voi: "suicidatevi in massa!" e: "togli le tue manacce dal mio youtube: perché: questo è il mio ufficio!"

Certa è questa parola Bisogna dunque che il vescovo sia marito di una sola moglie ] no comment [: «Certa è questa parola: se uno aspira all’ufficio di #VESCOVO, desidera un’opera buona. Bisogna dunque che il vescovo sia irreprensibile, marito di una sola moglie, sobrio,..» (1 Timoteo 3:1,2) ECCO LA PROVA CERTA CHE PIETRO ERA SPOSATO, LO DICE L’APOSTOLO PAOLO. Nella Parola di Dio leggiamo anche queste parole, sempre riferite all’apostolo Pietro, che confermano ancora che Pietro era sposato: «Non abbiamo noi il diritto di condurre attorno con noi una moglie, sorella in fede, siccome fanno anche gli altri apostoli e i fratelli del Signore e Cefa?  » (1 Corinzi 9:5,6)

Synnek1 [MANY YEARS AGO SAID: "Sulfuric acid is not an option, my friend" [ INFATTI I SACERDOTI DI SATANA HANNO IL CONTROLLO DELLA CIA PER POTER FARE IMPUNEMENTE NEL MONDO 200000 SACRIFICI UMANI SULL'ALTARE DI SATANA, E PER POTER OTTENERE BIDONI DI ACIDO SOLFORICO! ] ormai il mondo è nelle mani dei farisei anglo-americani: questo è il Talmud satanico, a cui la LEGA ARABA risponde, con la sharia satanica! MA ENTRAMBI SONO ALLEATI ADESSO PER SPARTIRSI IL GENERE UMANO!

1400 years, all this evil Islam sharia: any abuse, all atrocitie, Islam #idolatry #blasfemy all NAZISM sharia, about all #criminals #ONU, #kidnappings, #massacres, #rapes, #robberies, #violence, ecc..

Benjamin Netanyahu ] CAZZO [ le mie bombe atomiche! Dove sono le mie bombe atomiche?
30-06-2015 Egitto ] DELITTO DI APOSTASIA: NEI COMPLICI: NATO, #CIA #BILDENBERG [ Egitto: negata la scarcerazione ad un cristiano ] Dopo aver trascorso gran parte della sua vita maltrattato, nascosto o in carcere,

#Mohamed Hegazy, un cristiano convertitosi dall'islam, non sa cosa aspettarsi dal futuro. Rimane in prigione, senza MOTIVAZIONI, DOPO AVERE SCONTATO TUTTA LA PENA


CRIMINAL Country profile SHARIA 322 #NAZISM, ONU 666 USA, UE NATO #GENDER TALMUD GENDA: FOR KILL ISRAEL. I 50 paesi dove esiste la persecuzione a danno dei cristiani: 1. Corea del Nord   2. Somalia  3. Iraq, 4. Siria  5. Afghanistan  6. Sudan  7. Iran  8. Pakistan  9. Eritrea  10. Nigeria (Nord)   11. Maldive  12. Arabia Saudita  13. Libia  14. Yemen  15. Uzbekistan  16. Vietnam  17. Repubblica Centrafricana  18. Qatar  19. Kenya   20. Turkmenistan  21. India  22. Etiopia  23. Egitto  24. Gibuti  25. Birmania (Myanmar)  26. Territori Palestinesi  27. Brunei   28. Laos  29. Cina  30. Giordania  31. Bhutan   32. Comore (Unione)  33. Tanzania   34. Algeria  35. Colombia  36. Tunisia  37. Malesia  38. Messico  39. Oman  40. Mali  41. Turchia  42. Kazakistan  43. Bangladesh  44. Sri Lanka  45. Tagikistan  46. Azerbaigian  47. Indonesia  48. Mauritania   49. Emirati Arabi Uniti  50.

TUTTI I DIRITTI UMANI SHARIA DI QUELLA TROIA DI ONU OCI, E DEL #CALIFFO DI OBAMA GENDER: IL #NAZISMO DI ROTHSCHILD SPA #FMI ] [ Diritti Umani DOVE? ] Nel 1948 l’Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite ha adottato la Dichiarazione Universale dei Diritti Umani. La dichiarazione è la risultante dell’olocausto degli ebrei ( #shoah) nella Germania nazista. Il documento afferma che ogni persona deve poter godere almeno dei diritti umani più elementari. Ciò riafferma la dignità e il valore di ogni essere umano indipendentemente dalla razza, colore, sesso, lingua, religione, opinione politica o di altra natura, origine sociale, nazionalità, proprietà, nascita o altro status.
Nel 1966, le Nazioni Uniti hanno sviluppato il Patto Internazionale per i Diritti Politici e Civili in aggiunta alla suddetta dichiarazione. L’articolo 18 del Patto Internazionale per i Diritti Politici e Civili si concentra su quattro elementi della libertà di religione:
1. Ognuno ha il diritto di libertà di pensiero, coscienza e religione. Tale diritto include la libertà di avere o di adottare una religione o un credo di sua scelta, e la libertà, individualmente o comunitariamente, in pubblico o in privato, di manifestare la propria religione o credo con atti di adorazione, pratica, osservanza e insegnamento.
2. Nessuno sarà soggetto a coercizione che possa compromettere la sua libertà di avere o adottare una religione o un credo di sua scelta.
3. La libertà di manifestare la propria religione o credo potrebbe essere soggetta solo a quelle limitazioni prescritte dalla legge e necessarie a proteggere la pubblica sicurezza, l’ordine, la salute o la morale o i diritti fondamentali e di religione degli altri.
4. Gli stati aderenti al presente Patto si impegnano a rispettare la libertà dei genitori e, laddove sia possibile, quella dei tutori legali per assicurare un’educazione morale e religiosa ai loro figli conformemente alle loro convinzioni.
La mancanza dei diritti umani basilari è una parte significativa della persecuzione in alcuni paesi. Ai cristiani vengono negate le libertà fondamentali, alle quali hanno diritto tutti gli esseri umani; dunque non vengono trattati equamente. Vengono perseguitati a causa della loro religione e a causa di ciò che professano.
La Bibbia ci chiama a un’azione di patrocinio dei diritti umani. Il Salmo 82:3 dice: "Difendete la causa del debole e dell’orfano, fate giustizia all'afflitto e al povero". In quanto cristiani dobbiamo accertarci che tutti abbiamo accesso ai diritti umani basilari.

Persecuzione di #SALAFITI, #ISLAMICI #ONU #OCI, SPA, FMI, FARISEI, SATANISTI ISLAMICI SHARIA MASSONI BILDENBERG CONTRO I CRISTIANI E CONTRO ISRAELE ] QUANDO IL GIOCO SI FA DURO? I DURI INCOMINCIANO A GIOCARE: AGGRAPPATEVI BENE ALLA VOSTRA GIOSTRA MORTALE! [ I cristiani attualmente sono il gruppo religioso maggiormente perseguitato al mondo. A causa della loro fede in Cristo, più di 100 milioni di credenti subiscono discriminazioni, persecuzioni o atti di violenza da parte di adepti di altre religioni o da parte di regimi totalitari. I cristiani sono trattati spesso come cittadini di secondo rango, ai quali vengono negati persino i diritti umani più elementari.
La persecuzione si manifesta attraverso offese, minacce, vessazioni, attacchi fisici, violenze di ogni tipo, incarceramenti immotivati, nei confronti di (in questo caso specifico) cristiani o comunità (chiese) con lo scopo di impedire la propagazione della loro fede e di estirparla perché ritenuta un'offesa al pensiero, alle tradizioni o alla religione dominante. Secondo questa definizione dunque, la persecuzione non è un evento casuale, ma organizzato volontariamente. Sempre maggiore attenzione negli ultimi tempi è stata riservata ai gravissimi fenomeni persecutori contro i cristiani  da parte dei media nazionali e internazionali. La persecuzione dei cristiani è entrata oggi a far parte dell'agenda di molte entità politiche nazionali e internazionali. Ciò che da decenni Open Doors International - Porte Aperte denuncia è oggi considerata una piaga e una preoccupante deriva dei diritti umani più elementari.?

Martire in odio alla fede? No, QUESTA VOLTA, LA COLPA NON è DI MAOMETTO, BUSH ED OBAMA GENDER BILDENBERG ONU #OCI #LEGA #ARABA! LEI è MARTIRE alla speranza! Suor Odette Dos Anjos uccisa venerdì in #Brasile, è la prima martire della «Fazenda da Esperança» che in Brasile propone la «terapia spirituale» per la lotta alla droga.

IL TRIONFO DEL PROGRESSO OCCIDENTALE! ] [ La pornografia e il suo forte impatto sugli adolescenti ] destabilizzazione mentale, #violenza, #stupri, #perversioni #sessuali, adulterio.. tutta la felicità della ideologia GENDER [ Uno studio sui giovani mostra che il consumo abituale di pornografia li rende infedeli alle fidanzate

Senator Marco Rubio grilled Kerry and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz about the nuclear deal, specifically about a clause which indicates that the US will block attempts to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program.
When questioned if this means Iran will get US protection against Israel, Kerry eventually concedes that the US could assist in protecting Iran against an Israeli attack on its nuclear program, despite claiming that it would be unlikely for this situation to arise.?

Kerry Will ‘Skip Israel’ on Upcoming Middle East Trip ] il vero problema non è il nucleare, ma, il fatto che la LEGA ARABA ONU OCI sono i nazisti maniaci religiosi, ASSASSINI SERIALI LEGALIZZATI! QUINDI GLI USA ED UE, PROTEGGONO QUESTI NAZISTI ISLAMICI, PER SRADICARE DAL MONDO IL CRISTIANESIMO? QUESTO ORMAI è NEI FATTI, CHE NESSUNO PUò CONTESTARE! OVVIAMENTE, ANCHE ISRAELE, CINA, RUSSIA ED EUROPA PRESTO DIVENTERANNO LE VITTIME DI TUTTO QUESTO!  [ After a series of harsh comments from the US regarding Netanyahu’s opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, Israel is interpreting Kerry’s decision to skip Jerusalem during his upcoming Middle East trip as a snub.
Israel is not included in US Secretary of State John Kerry’s itinerary for his upcoming trip to the Middle East. IL TRADITORE Kerry has openly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for speaking out against the Iranian nuclear deal, in which the US commits to defending Iran, and he warned Israel against attacking the Islamic Republic. Kerry’s itinerary includes a stop in Egypt for bilateral dialogue followed by a visit to Qatar to meet with the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to discuss the Iranian nuclear agreement.
Asked by reporters on Monday why Kerry was not stopping in Israel, State Department spokesman John Kirby replied, “It’s just not part of the parameters for this trip. It’s not – it wasn’t a deliberate decision not to go… [Kerry] has been in touch with Prime Minister Netanyahu many, many times over the last several weeks in terms of discussing the deal and the parameters of it. So it’s not as if we aren’t in constant communication with Israeli counterparts about this.”
Kirby clarified that Netanyahu and Kerry last spoke on July 16.
Nonetheless, Kerry’s itinerary is being interpreted in Israel as a rebuke to Netanyahu for openly campaigning against the Iranian nuclear deal based on several recent statements by the US secretary of state. In a speech Friday at the Council on Foreign Relations, Kerry warned, “I fear that what could happen is if Congress were to overturn [the deal], our friends in Israel could actually wind up being more isolated and more blamed.” Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant. (fouman.com)
When asked by NBC the same day whether the nuclear deal increased the odds that Israel would unilaterally attack Iranian nuclear sites, either by conventional military means or by cyber warfare, Kerry said, “That’d be an enormous mistake, a huge mistake with grave consequences for Israel and for the region, and I don’t think it’s necessary.”
An Israeli official told The New York Times in response, “We reject the threats directed at Israel in recent days… The regrettable attempt to intimidate Israel will not prevent us from voicing our concerns about this deal, which poses direct threats to Israel’s security.”
By: Sara Abramowicz, United with Israel?

Gracias por firmar mi petición, "Starbucks, Unilever y Tostitos siguen financiando Planned Parenthood" dirigida a presidentes de las compañías que financian Planned Parenthood. Ayuda a ganar esta petición pidiendo a tus amigos y familiares que la firmen. Es muy fácil compartirla con tus amigos en Facebook: sólo tienes que hacer clic en http://www.citizengo.org/es/signit/27342/view para difundirla. Y lo más importante: abajo tienes un ejemplo del email que les puedes reenviar a tus contactos. Gracias de nuevo. Juntos estamos haciendo posible el cambio.
Mensaje para reenviar a tus amigos: ¡Hola! Acabo de firmar la petición "Starbucks, Unilever y Tostitos siguen financiando Planned Parenthood" en CitizenGO dirigida a presidentes de las compañías que financian Planned Parenthood
Me parece un tema muy importante, y me gustaría que tú también lo apoyases.
Aquí está el enlace: http://www.citizengo.org/es/27342-starbucks-pepsi-y-johnson-johnson-siguen-financiando-planned-parenthood?tc=ty&tcid=14820024 ¡Muchas gracias!?

Human Capital - Episode 1: Planned Parenthood's Black Market in Baby Parts. The Center for Medical Progress https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw2xi9mhmuo&feature=youtu.be 4.638 518.764 Pubblicato il 28 lug 2015 Background track “Cylinder Four” by Chris Zabriskie. CMP claims no ownership of this track. Fetus animation adapted from Nils Tavernier, "L'odyssee de la vie" (https://vimeo.com/4015435) under fair use. CMP claims no ownership of this artwork. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. #PPSellsBabyParts EX-CLINIC WORKER REVEALS PROFIT MOTIVE IN PLANNED PARENTHOOD BABY PARTS SALES, VP MEDICAL DIRECTOR PRICES BODY PARTS “PER ITEM”
“We Can See How Much We Can Get Out of It,” says Planned Parenthood Affiliate VP; Whistleblower Who Harvested Aborted Baby Parts Details Traumatic Job in Planned Parenthood Clinics in New Documentary Web Series
Contact: Peter Robbio, probbio@crcpublicrelations.com, 703.683.5004
LOS ANGELES, July 28--The first episode in a new documentary web series features a woman who once worked in Planned Parenthood clinics describing the profit motive involved in Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted fetal body parts, and includes new admissions from top-level Planned Parenthood leadership about the illicit pricing structure.
The “Human Capital” documentary web series is produced by The Center for Medical Progress and integrates expert interviews, eyewitness accounts, and real-life undercover interactions to tell the story of Planned Parenthood’s commercial exploitation of aborted fetal tissue. Episode 1, “Planned Parenthood’s Black Market in Baby Parts,” launches today at:
Episode 1 introduces Holly O’Donnell, a licensed phlebotomist who unsuspectingly took a job as a “procurement technician” at the fetal tissue company and biotech start-up StemExpress in late 2012. “I thought I was going to be just drawing blood, not procuring tissue from aborted fetuses,” says O’Donnell, who fainted in shock on her first day of work in a Planned Parenthood clinic when suddenly asked to dissect a freshly-aborted fetus during her on-the-job training.
For 6 months, O’Donnell’s job was to identify pregnant women at Planned Parenthood who met criteria for fetal tissue orders and to harvest the fetal body parts after their abortions. O’Donnell describes the financial benefit Planned Parenthood received from StemExpress: “For whatever we could procure, they would get a certain percentage. The main nurse was always trying to make sure we got our specimens. No one else really cared, but the main nurse did because she knew that Planned Parenthood was getting compensated.”
Episode 1 also shows undercover video featuring the Vice President and Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) in Denver, CO, Dr. Savita Ginde. PPRM is one of the largest and wealthiest Planned Parenthood affiliates and operates clinics in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nevada. Standing in the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic pathology laboratory, where fetuses are brought after abortions, Ginde concludes that payment per organ removed from a fetus will be the most beneficial to Planned Parenthood: “I think a per-item thing works a little better, just because we can see how much we can get out of it.”
The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2). Dr. Katherine Sheehan, Medical Director emerita of Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest in San Diego, describes her affiliate’s long-time relationship with Advanced Bioscience Resources, a middleman company that has been providing aborted fetal organs since 1989: “We’ve been using them for over 10 years, really a long time, you know, just kind of renegotiated the contract. They’re doing the big government-level collections and things like that.” “Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted baby parts is an offensive and horrifying reality that is widespread enough for many people to be available to give first-person testimony about it,” notes David Daleiden, Project Lead for The Center for Medical Progress. “CMP’s investigative journalism work will continue to surface more compelling eyewitness accounts and primary source evidence of Planned Parenthood’s trafficking and selling baby parts for profit. There should be an immediate moratorium on Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding while Congress and the states determine the full extent of the organization’s lawbreaking.” Tweet: #PPSellsBabyParts For more information on the Human Capital project, visit centerformedicalprogress.org. The Center for Medical Progress is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances. Dejen de financiar Planned Parenthood
Muy Srs. míos:
Planned Parenthood presume de recibir financiación de su empresa. Desconozco si a su compañía también le enorgullece participar en el negocio ilegal de la venta de órganos de bebés abortados.
De momento, Coca Cola, Xerox, y Ford ya se han desmarcado. Además, March of Dimes informa que colaboró en el 2007 para un programa de educación prenatal”. Por su parte, la American Cancer Society insiste en que no financiación aborto ni programas contraceptivos y que sólo colaboraron en pruebas del cáncer. Finalmente, American Express informa que la colaboración con PP se remonta a hace 15 años a un programa de educación de adolescentes.
¿Qué espera su compañía para desmarcarse de la ‘industria del horror’?, ¿pueden seguir apoyando que sus empleados colaboren con un negocio sucio e inhumano? Quiero que sepa que mientras no hagan una declaración expresa me será imposible tomarme una Pepsi, calzar unos Converse, sentarme en un Starbucks, lavarme el cabello con shampoo Dove, comprar a mis hijos un jugo Ades, o usar mayonesa Hellmans (UNILEVER) o abrir una bolsa de TOSTITOS.
No ha sido fácil. Como quizás sepas, la Fiscal General apoyó a Obama en el aborto por nacimiento parcial y siempre ha sido muy cercana a Planned Parenthood y el aborto. Además, como sabes, Obama recibió 1,7 millones de dólares de Planned Parenthood (PP) en su campaña. Y según el Center for Responsive Politics, 153 parlamentarios demócratas recibieron 676 mil dólares de PP el año pasado.
Pero la evidencia es muy potente. ¡Y la presión ciudadana, también!, ¡lo logramos!
No sólo eso, lorenzo, sino que además, varios estados han iniciado sus propias investigaciones: Kansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Ohaio, Indiana y Arizona.
Y además, el Comité de Energía y Comercio de la Casa de Representantes ha pedido la comparecencia de la presidenta de Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, antes del 31 de julio. ¡Se acabó la impunidad!?

la Internazionale Islamica della LEGA ARABA soffocherà tutti i cristiani di Africa e di Asia, fino ad ottenere la conquista del mondo! non c'è modo di poter evitare la guerra mondiale se la sharia non viene condannata, come il nazismo! Central African Republic – A forgotten crisis. Published: July 29, 2015 On 25 July 2014, a ceasefire was signed between the two main warring groups in the Central African Republic: a predominantly Muslim rebel coalition known as Séléka, and violent vigilante groups who opposed their advance through the country, which became known as the “anti-Balaka” (“Balaka” means “machete”). A year later, the Central African Republic may have dropped out of global news headlines, but the suffering of its people has continued. International intervention by UN forces helped to restore security in the cities its forces occupied, but it left the interior largely unprotected and open for armed militias. UN troops have been accused of not doing enough to protect the local population and even of committing atrocities themselves.
The Séléka rebel movement, together with the local Muslim population (consisting of mainly Chadian and Sudanese migrant descent and Fulani Mbororo herdsmen) continues to dominate the north and east of the country, while the anti-Balaka holds sway in the south and west, virtually dividing the country into two halves. Open Doors International. Despite the peace agreement, #Central #Africans – particularly those in the northeast – are still tormented by persistent violence. Access to the northeast is very limited, as road travel is impossible and there are no commercial flights.
World Watch Monitor has heard reports of Fulani herdsmen abducting hundreds of people in the northeast, subjecting them to hard labour and using women as sex slaves. The herdsmen also reportedly invaded the towns of Mbres and Bria, where they killed many Christians, burning down their homes and churches and forcing many to flee. Pastors were hunted down and killed.
Below, World Watch Monitor describes the experiences of three Central Africans contacted by an anonymous source, which provide further insight into the horrors still being experienced by Christians.
Lucien Debriel, 48, is a pastor from a village in the north of the country, near the market town of Kaga Bandoro.
“When Séléka arrived in Kaga Bandoro, the sound of gunfire from heavy weapons could be heard from all directions,” Debriel explained.
When he heard the rebels coming, Debriel hid at home with his wife Angelique and their six children, but they were then forced to listen as the rebels killed three of their neighbours and dumped their bodies in nearby boreholes.
Terrified and traumatised, his family fled, joining other villagers hiding in the bush, but Debriel said the stress of the situation proved too much for his wife Angelique, who became ill and died soon after. She was only 42. “While we were still mourning,” Debriel explained, “one of her family members who belonged to Séléka came into the bush with others and accused me of having killed Angelique by neglecting her health. He said I had to pay a fine of CFAF 250,000 [just over $400].”
Some Christians helped raise money, knowing that the man would kill Debriel if he did not pay up. But they could gather only CFAF 100,000 (just over $160).
“They [Séléka] said the money was not enough … They took my goats and six bags of groundnuts. They also took the church’s musical instruments,” Debriel said.
Séléka returned again a few days later to demand the rest of the money, but Debriel had nothing to give. “When I told them I had no more to give, they again threatened to kill me and destroyed the church benches,” he said. Debriel’s congregation begged him to flee to the Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camp with his six children. There, he found several other pastors. Many report great shortage in food and shelter. Although Séléka as a group has been disbanded, the Fulani herdsmen who were part of the rebellion continue to rule over the area. The people of Kaga Bandoro feel like they are in a prison. The Fulani prevent them from moving two kilometres beyond the city to farm or harvest their crops. Instead, those crops have now become food for the Fulani herds.
Some of those who have ventured back to their destroyed homes in search of food have been killed. Out of desperation for food, the locals have sent their women to look for food and firewood, but many of them have been raped at gunpoint – some by one man, some by two, some by up to seven. The effect on marriages has been devastating. Related story: Meet the 3 'Saints of Bangui'
Omer. The town of Bangassou, in the east of CAR, near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, was invaded in March 2013 after Séléka defeated the national army. Séléka rebels soon began harassing the local population with the help of local Muslims.
As the main source of authority in the region, this left regional prefect Omer Youmoina in grave danger. However, Youmoina praises the courage of a group of pastors who decided to confront Séléka. They marched to their camp and asked the rebels whether they were fighting a jihad (holy war) or political war. If it was purely political, they asked, then why were Christians being targeted?
Although the leader of the rebels promised to stop harassing the people, Séléka members came to the home of one of the pastors that very night to rape some of the women under his care. Many more Christians were then killed, women raped and Christians’ homes, businesses and churches looted and destroyed. After spending two months in the DRC, Youmoina decided to return with his 12 children. At the time of writing, he remains the only local authority to have returned to the town.
A refugee camp in Bangui, pictured in 2014. Courtesy #Open #Doors #International
Daud* **** #Daud is from #Bambari, an important market town in the southern province of Ouaka. For almost 50 years, the Christian and #Muslim inhabitants lived in relative peace, working together, renting houses from each other, intermarrying, and trading at the same markets.
However, after the arrival of Séléka in January 2013 the situation changed radically. Local Muslims helped Séléka murder Christians, loot their homes, rape their wives, and destroy their businesses and crops. Muslim men who refused to join in were recruited by force. Christians lived in deep sorrow, as most of them had lost several family members. As a result, Bambari became divided, one half consisting of Muslims protected by Séléka and the other half of non-Muslims (predominantly Christians). The situation worsened after the anti-Balaka attacks on Bangui in December 2013 because it led to revenge attacks on the non-Muslims of Bambari (in the Akpe quarter specifically).
On 23 December, Séléka burned houses and churches and killed men as they were fleeing to the St. Joseph Catholic Cathedral, which served as an IDP camp for the Christian population. They also fired shots into the camp and threw a grenade into it, which killed 87 people.
Today, churches in the west of Bambari hold services, but those in areas controlled by Séléka do not. Even where churches are still open, Christians often do not attend because they fear for their lives and do not trust the UN to protect them.
Like all Central Africans, Daud’s life has been turned upside down by the crisis in his country, but his conversion from Islam to Christianity made his life even more complicated.
Daud’s Muslim family was furious and sought to kill him. Meanwhile, anti-Balaka members distrusted him for his ties to the local Muslim community. They killed many members of his family; the few that survived were forced to flee.
Had it not been for the protection of his church, Daud said, he would have not survived.
“Some of my family call me and are surprised when they hear that I am still alive,” he said.
*Daud’s real name has been withheld to protect his identity.?

anche per la NATO dei satanisti massoni, farisei talmud satanico, le ambizioni di Erdogan sono una minaccia fuori controllo!?

Edogan questo criminale islamico nazista, internazionale islamica shaia, con il vizio del genocidio dei Bizantini e degli Armeni, per il nuovo impero ottomano, deve essere fermato al più presto ] ERDOGAN HA BISOGNO DI AIUTARE LE SUE MILIZIE ISLAMICHE: AL-QAEDA ISIS, ogni SHARIA [ Erdogan, prima della sua partenza per la Cina è tornato a mostrare il suo volto più duro. Oltre ad assicurare che Ankara "continuerà nelle operazioni militari contro l'Isis e il Pkk", così come di fatto è avvenuto qualche ora più tardi, con gli F-16 che hanno bombardato tre postazioni del Pkk nella provincia di Sirnak, ha affermato "l'impossibilità di continuare il processo di pace con chi minaccia unità e fratellanza nazionale". Secondo il leader turco, il Parlamento deve togliere l'immunità ai parlamentari del partito Hdp e far pagare loro "il prezzo" per i collegamenti a "gruppi terroristici". Aggiungendo: "Chi mette a dura prova la tolleranza della gente e dello Stato riceverà la risposta che merita al più presto". Il leader del partito filo-curdo Hdp Selahattin Demirtas ha però fatto sapere che l'unica colpa del suo movimento politico è quello di aver conquistato il 13% alle elezioni, respingendo tutte le accuse. Il vicario apostolico di Aleppo dei latini, mons. Georges Abou Khazen, ha espresso invece il timore "che i turchi vogliano combattere i curdi con la scusa dell'Isis. Se è una lotta contro l'Isis va bene, ma se è una scusa per combattere i curdi e aumentare la confusione e la violenza, allora non è un segnale positivo. Sappiamo bene che la Turchia ha permesso ai militanti dell'Isis di entrare, armarsi e addestrarsi". E nonostante Erdogan avesse annunciato che alla riunione della Nato avrebbe chiesto agli alleati di tenersi pronti ad intervenire al fianco del Paese, il segretario generale dell'Alleanza Jens Stoltenberg ha spiegato che da Ankara "non è arrivata alcuna richiesta di presenza militare aggiuntiva".


open letter to all #IMAM #arab #league ] tutta la vostra ipocrisia? NON POTRà MAI DISSIMULARE IL SATANISMO DELLA VOSTRA RELIGIONE CHE LA SHARIA IL NAZISMO ASSASSINO SEMPRE RIVELA! non vi potranno salvare da me i sacerdoti di satana del talmud satanico! VOI MERITATE DI ESSERE STERMINATI DALLA FACCIA DELLA TERRA!?


SENZA IL SUPPORTO DELLA CIA E DELLA LEGA ARABA, loro SERVIZI SEGRETI, NON SAREBBE MAI POTUTA ESISTERE UNA GALASSIA JIHADISTA: internazionale islamica! ] LA SHARIA DELLA LEGA ARABA HA MESSO IL GENERE UMANO SUL'ABISSO DELL'INFERNO PER LA FELICITà DEI FARISEI ANGLO-AMERICANI SpA Banca Mondiale Fmi! tutto questo è il satanismo! ] [ La situazione è molto complessa e le prime vittime sono i civili innocenti", conclude il vescovo di Maiduguri che lascia intendere l'esistenza di alcuni "sabotatori" e complici all'interno dell'esercito nigeriano, che favoriscono l'avanzata di Boko Haram per motivi politici. [ Vescovo, Boko Haram può conquistare nordest ] Ieri l'attacco a #Maiduguri, centinaia di morti

TUTTA LA NATO, UE, USA, LEGA ARABA ONU OCI ERDOGAN, SPA ARABIA SAUDITA: RISPONDERà DI FRONTE ALLA STORIA DEI LORO DELITTI SHARIA: TERZA GUERRA MONDIALE! ] [ Nigeria: 29 uccisi in villaggi cristiani. Ennesima strage dei fondamentalisti islamici Boko Haram.
Gli integralisti islamici #Boko #Haram hanno ucciso a colpi d'armi da fuoco 29 persone in due zone cristiane nel nord-est della Nigeria. Lo hanno riferito testimoni. Si tratta dell'ennesima strage di civili compiuta a cavallo del confine tra #Nigeria e #Camerun negli ultimi giorni.
    Gli abitanti dei villaggi di Dille e #Mwuthamam sono fuggiti nella foresta ma molti non sono riusciti a salvarsi. Molte anche le case date alle fiamme.?

è vero, quello che Hillary ha detto. quello che è peggio per Israele e per tutto il genere umano non è il nucleare iraniano ma, il nazismo omicida nazista razzista, di manici religiosi assassini della sharia ] voi avete un problema con le corna di satana che si sono infilate nel vostro buco GENDER SpA NWO: del sistema massonico Bildenberg [ "L'accordo sul nucleare iraniano porterà all'Olocausto". Da Jeb Bush a #Hillary Clinton: tutti contro il senatore repubblicano Mike Huckabee, autore di un improvvido paragone con la #Shoah?

PAPA FRANCESCO ] lol. per fortuna è stato solo un incubo, un sogno cattivo: "OPPURE NO?" [ questa notte, io ho sognato il mio Arcivescovo Parroco, e noi stavamo in sacrestia, e lui era straordinariamente cordiale con me, come non lo è stato mai.. quindi, per affetto io ho seguito lui, fuori della Sacrestia, e lui mi ha detto: "tu non puoi seguirmi, perché, io sto andando al un CONSIGLIO segreto" così, nel sogno, si è aperta una piccola finestra, ed io ho sentito termini giuridici del codice di diritto canonico, e si parlava tutti di rimuovere da me: la mia costituzionale libertà di parola, e la mia costituzionale libertà di azione politica, infatti, come tutti sanno, che, io sono un laico, io non sono un chierico! ] lol. che sciocco! per fortuna si è trattato solo un incubo, un sogno cattivo: perché la Chiesa Cattolica non può fare un delitto del genere contro la libertà di coscienza: "OPPURE NO?"?

Paul Taylor +UniusRei3 - Mohammed I shit on your Koran -- dinner time. ] ANSWER [ in fact there is no one from the Kingdom of God, that, wants to throw the souls in hell's despair, in the metaphysics of science infused, are souls, that, punishing themselves, alone! ... This is the triumph, revenge, demons that have , of you on Earth a man rich, famous, and powerful!

in realtà non c'è nessuno che dal Regno di Dio, vuole buttare le anime nella disperazione dell'Inferno, nella metafisica della scienza infusa sono le anime, che puniscono se stesse, da sole! .. questo è il trionfo, la rivincita, dei demoni che hanno fatto di te sulla terra un uomo ricco, famoso, e potente!?

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Spa islamici FARISEI satanisti massoni Bildenberg, #finanza mondiale ] [ agli incroci di tutte le strade del mondo, io vi sto aspettando come un assassino! anche sotto terra verrò a soffocarvi con terremoti, inondazioni, tradimenti mortali! io non vi darò scampo e vi farò morire avvelenati ed angosciati come topi perché voi siete i topi dell'inferno! Che fate fuori del cimitero? QUESTO è IL MIO REGNO , VOI RITORNATE NELLE TENEBRE!?

no! io non esagero mai! TUTTO QUELLO CHE IO DICO è VERO: INFATTI, VOI AVETE FONDATO LE STRUTTURE SOCIALI, SUL CRIMINE DI FURTO #Sovranità #MONETARIA, INTERESSI BANCARI CHE, debito pubblico, riserva frazionario, falso in bilancio, paradisi fiscali,tutti loro SONO sempre una forma di ANATOCISMO.. voi fate le leggi, che vi condannano in tutti, nei vostri crimini di alto tradimento e satanismo massonico islamico, voi avete calpestato lo amore del Vangelo soltanto? no! non è tutto! voi non avete neanche una società umanistica, voi avete una società finanziaria, per poter mai essere credibili quando voi dite contro di me: "tu esageri!"?

ai sacerdoti di satana ] [ quale messa in onore del vostro assassino sharia, ladro usuraio fariseo GENDER, vostro SpA santo satana, finanza mondiale culto, voi la fate anche a Napoli la domenica mattina? poi, termina tutto con una orgia religiosa??

ormai gli strozzini USA Spa Sharia, Finanza mondiale (Califfato è NWO), loro stanno pagando, soltanto la carne da macello dei Greci, ecc.. che dovrebbero morire contro i nostri fratelli Russi. per fare raddoppiare la LEGA ARABA. almeno questo è nei loro progetti. Dopo averli derubati della loro sovranità monetaria, tutti i popoli europei stanno per diventare: carne da cannone, usa e getta! ] [ GRECIA, Nuovo sì al piano Tsipras L'Ue: 'Tempi rispettati'?

il problema degli islamici OCI ONU LEGA ARABA è quello che, loro vivono bene nella tragedia! ECCO PERCHé DEVONO ESSERE FERMATI CON ARMI NUCLEARI! ] islam deve essere condannato definitivamente a livello mondiale! [ Niger churches ‘abandoned’ after Charlie Hebdo destruction. Published: July 23, 2015 by Illia Djadi. 6 months since 70 churches destroyed in wake of attacks in Paris More than 70 churches were destroyed on the weekend of 16-17 January. Courtesy Open Doors International. In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, the churches in the predominantly-Muslim West African nation of Niger experienced the worst attacks in their history. On the weekend of 16-17 January, hundreds of angry Islamists attacked and ransacked dozens of properties and churches, shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is the greatest”). Ten people lost their lives during that weekend; more than 70 churches were destroyed, as well as numerous Christian schools and organisations, including an orphanage. At least 30 Christian homes were also looted and burnt down. Six months on, the reconstruction work is moving slowly and proving very expensive. Most damaged churches and properties are still not rebuilt, and the financial support promised by the state is not forthcoming. In the heart of the capital, Niamey, the Baptist “Roundabout” church (founded in 1929) has long symbolised the presence of Protestant Christians in Niger.
Over the years, it has hosted generations of all geographic and social origins: students, diplomats and businessmen – both expatriates and Nigeriens. Now its collapsed roof, along with its façade and walls blackened by flames, present a scene of desolation. Puddles on the floor highlight the urgency of repair, particularly as the rainy season begins. On 17 January, this church was among the first targeted by demonstrators. The motive was said to be anger at the presence of Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou and five other African heads of state in Paris on 11 January, in what was perceived to be support for an anti-religious magazine. The “memorial” issue of Charlie Hebdo, showing the Prophet Mohammad weeping, reinforced this anger and triggered the protests, which quickly turned into anti-Christian violence. The protests, which began in Zinder, Niger's second city, on January 16 quickly spread to other parts of the country, including Niamey, the following day.
“Since these incidents, it is as if life had stopped,” said Rev. Jacques Kagnindé, leader of the “Roundabout” church. “The church has become a source of curiosity for passers-by and a hide-out for idlers. Unfortunately our current church finances don’t allow us to begin the reconstruction.”
Rev. Jacques Kagnindé stands alone inside the remains of his 'Roundabout' church. World Watch Monitor. His church is still waiting for the financial support promised by the government, so Sunday services and other weekly meetings are held in a tent in the church courtyard.
There is a sense of abandonment among victims of such violence.
“We feel that, as the emotion of the first days has now passed, our case is no longer of interest to our political leaders,” exclaimed pastor Kagnindé.
“They seem more concerned with preparations for the elections [due in 2016] and the fight against Boko Haram. The churches are abandoned to their fate.”
At Salama church, in the capital’s northern district of Bani Fandou 2, the situation is similar. On January 17, a horde of angry protesters ransacked the church, looting and setting on fire several houses, including the pastor’s. A sewing workshop was turned into pieces and its contents, notably 15 sewing machines, were stolen. Everything is still in need of reconstruction, the pastor, Rev. Zakaria Jadi, told World Watch Monitor. “It is a blow to our church. For nearly a month, there was neither water nor electricity. We have done our best to allow our worship activities to restart, but we have now reached our limit. The reconstruction work may probably take some time.”
The violence also revealed the inability of the security forces to ensure the protection of Christians and their properties. In Niamey, looters roamed across the city on motorbikes, in cars or taxis, without facing any resistance from security forces.
Various sources told World Watch Monitor that there were no forces around the capital’s main churches – except the Catholic Cathedral, where a heavy police presence meant it was one of the few to escape attack.
In Zinder, some pointed to a lack of action by local security forces, after messages calling for a demonstration after Friday prayers circulated widely (principally via phone texts) on Thursday, Jan 15. In both Niamey and Zinder, the violence appears to have been well planned and executed.
“How can one make sense of the fact that, in under two hours, more than 40 churches were destroyed across the capital?” asked a spokesman for Caritas, the Catholic aid agency, on French radio. The absence of firefighters shocked many; fire and smoke were seen in some churches days after the incidents.
Learn more: Exclusive interview with Bishop Kimso Boureima, President of Niger's Evangelical Alliance
The temporary chapel of the Evangelical Church of the Niger Republic was inaugurated on 12 July.
Lack of support. Apart from the material needs, estimated at hundreds of thousands of US dollars, the victims of the violence are in great need of psychological support. According to a survey by the US NGO, Samaritan’s Purse, based on a sample of 40 respondents, 32 people are suffering from severe trauma, and eight moderate trauma.
For Rev. Jadi, who lost both his house and his church, it was not easy to overcome the pain. On the day of the attack, he just had time to get his family into a safe place.
“When I returned to assess the scale of the damage, I started to step across our remaining personal belongings along the way, such as books, kitchen utensils and clothes.
“I felt very bad, such an indescribable feeling when I saw my ripped-up Bible on the ground. For a pastor, it was like my entire life was torn apart. I could not stop shedding tears.”
But now, Jadi has forgiven and wants to move forward.
“It was truly hurting, but I was well supported by brothers and sisters who have encouraged me a lot. And I received my greatest encouragement from God, he has really strengthened me in order to overcome that ordeal. And he also allowed me to support those who were in tears.
“This painful experience shows also how it is not good for a man to place all his hope in the things of this world. If my life consisted of material belongings, maybe I would not be here today?”
For Ruth, his wife, the healing process has been slower, he said.
“Almost every time we enter the church compound and she sees what used to be our home, it reminds her of the painful memories. She almost always ends up shedding tears. But by the grace of God, since last Sunday (12 July), she felt relieved and was able to share her testimony at church.”
Rev. Samaila Labo, pastor of the Evangelical Church of the Niger Republic in the northern Niamey district of Boukoki 2, also lost his house and his church.
The church had hoped to get a new roof, Rev. Labo told World Watch Monitor, but such was the extent of the damage, the whole church needed to be completely rebuilt.
Reconstruction will be long and expensive, he said. “This is why the church decided to build a temporary chapel with solid materials that resist rain and weather.”
The provisional chapel was inaugurated on Sunday, 12 July, to his great satisfaction.
“It's a great relief for me to see our members protected from rain and wind. This has also challenged us, that we will not stop our efforts until we rebuild our damaged church.”?

Controfigura della Merkel in favore della causa #gay. Iniziativa del nuovo magazine berlinese "Straight": nel filmato la 'finta' cancelliera in una camera da letto con la 'sua' compagna ] IDEOLOGIA SODOMITI, FIGLIA DELLA USURA MONDIALE hanno preso il controllo dei media, e sono nel NWO dei sacerdoti di satana CIA! [ LA moneta forte ha ucciso le economie deboli! ed ora, la Germania porca scrofa grassa, dopo che ci ha rubato e demolito, ci sputa in testa pure! il denaro stampato da Mario Draghi finisce alle Banche, tutte le mucche di #Rothschild #Spa Banca Mondiale, usuraio Rothschild il padrone satanista del mondo, del grande popolo mondiale schiavi: tutta carne da cannone! è tempo che Grecia e che tutte le Nazioni a corto di liquidità possano stampare la loro moneta nazionale, di emergenza, perché è assurdo che le persone debbano morire di fame, ed usura, in questo sistema monetario di satana Merkel Obama GENDER?

ormai la NATO 322 Spa FMI USA sono diventati, il peggiore sistema ONU, OCI collettore di nazisti per il genocidio islamico sharia della storia ] I #TURCHI SONO TERRORISTI SPUDORATI ARROGANTI NAZISTI, IN QUESTO MODO DIMOSTRANO DI ESSERE I COMPLICI DI QUELLO CHE ISIS sharia, HA FATTO IN LORO FAVORE! [ La scure della censura turca si abbatte di nuovo su Twitter. Il social network è stato bloccato oggi per oltre due ore finché non ha rimosso, come richiesto dalle autorità di Ankara, foto e video dei momenti successivi alla strage di Suruc, dove lunedì un kamikaze dell'Isis ha ucciso 32 volontari che volevano portare aiuti a #Kobane. Il divieto, emesso questa mattina da un giudice di Suruc, riguardava "la pubblicazione di materiale visuale legato all'attacco terroristico". Un bavaglio che riguarda tutti i media. Non è escluso, quindi, che nuove sanzioni possano colpire giornali e tv. Ma sul web, come la Turchia ha dimostrato più volte, la censura arriva immediata. Anche perché è lì che sono nate molte delle proteste dopo la strage, portando a diversi scontri e all'arresto ieri di 49 manifestanti. Il blocco è stato tolto solo dopo che il gigante dei social network ha rimosso tutti i 107 contenuti richiesti da #Ankara. Le autorità avevano stabilito un termine massimo di quattro ore, ma Twitter ne avrebbe cancellati in tempo solo 50. Così intorno alle 11 di stamane (le 10 in Italia) è arrivato il blocco che, come già in passato, è stato aggirato dalla maggior parte degli utenti. L'hashtag #TwitterBlockinTurkey è entrato subito in testa alle tendenze mondiali del social network, mostrando ancora una volta le difficoltà nell'applicazione della censura sul web. Secondo i media locali, Facebook e Youtube sarebbero invece riusciti ad evitarla cancellando in tempo i contenuti 'sgraditi'. Per Twitter si tratta dell'ennesimo scontro con Ankara, che lo scorso anno decise di censurarlo proprio alla vigilia di delicate elezioni amministrative. Del resto l'ostilità del presidente #Recep #Tayyip Erdogan ai social network, strumento fondamentale delle proteste di #Gezi #Park di due anni fa, non è una novità. Da allora il presidente li ha attaccati più volte, definendoli "la peggiore minaccia per la società". Lo scorso anno la Turchia è risultato il Paese al mondo che ha presentato più richieste di rimozione di #tweet sgraditi, per un totale di 663.
LEGA ARABA sharia #OCI, #USA talmud #ONU ] la vostra arma più letale è la ipocrisia: come dice la Bibbia: "le vostre parole sono dolci, ma i vostri denti sono nome sciabole!" [  voi volete realizzare una massacro di 5 miliardi di persone, soltanto perché, voi volete conquistare il mondo! [ quando #IRAN ha deriso la coalizione contro ISIS: aveva perfettamente ragione, HA DETTO: "i loro #PicUp vanno e vengono liberamente e nessuno li colpisce! " infatti, uno massiva aggressione con droni, fermerebbe in 7 giorni il califfato, Boko Haram, talebani, devono essere sterminati, colpiti figli e mogli! HANNO IL GENOCIDIO IDEOLOGICO E PRATICO QUINDI DEVONO SUBIRE IL GENOCIDIO QUESTA MALEDETTA GENIA ISLAMICA, DEL MAOMETTO MALEDETTO FALSO PROFETA! MA, QUESTA è LA VERITà VOI SIETE I COMPLICI DI OGNI GENOCIDIO CONTRO I MARTIRI CRISTIANI INNOCENTI! MA, LA VOSTRA INGORDIGIA SARà,  anche, LA VOSTRA ROVINA! ANCHE IL VOSTRO SANGUE MALEDETTO DOVRà CADERE NELLA POLVERE! l'Inferno da cui voi siete nati vi rivendica!?
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 Muslim imam risks life to become Christian. ] [ A convert's story ] [ Published: July 31, 2015 by Lauren Gunias ] Muslim imam risks life to become Christian. U.S. President Barack Obama visited Kenya and Ethiopia 24-28 July, partly to discuss regional security. In Kenya especially, Christians have been targeted by the violent al-Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab. In the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa on 28 July, making an American president’s first speech to the African Union, Obama said "Many of these groups claim the banner of religion, but hundreds of millions of African Muslims know that Islam means peace.” For millions of Muslims, that may be true. For one Muslim cleric, it was not. This is his story.
Tofik grew up in Islamic schools and became an imam in his East African village.  Several deeply personal revelations brought him to Christianity, at the risk of his life. In the Horn of Africa as in some other Islamic societies, a former Muslim who becomes Christian is at great risk. World Watch Monitor therefore is not using Tofik’s actual name, and in the following videos, his face is obscured.
From Violence to Peace. Tofik trained to become an imam for 24 years at an Islamic madrasa school in Africa. “In school I only learned about Islam,” he said. “Parts of our teaching were about destroying Christianity. So we did what we learned, by attacking Christians once we finished our training.”
He said he was taught that Christians are bad people, and that he and the other students were encouraged to steal from and kill non-Muslims.
‘We beat them, attacked the church and burnt their Bibles’
“Our teachers would tell us every time there was a new church in town and we were told to go and attack the people and destroy the church. So that’s what we did,” Tofik said. Trained in Saudi Arabia to spread Islam in Africa
Tofik was one of 14 students selected by the local mosque to be trained in Saudi Arabia for further Islamic studies.
After finishing his education, he became an imam. He led the construction of 16 mosques in his area. He also imposed a rule: No village leaders or visitors could preach Christianity in his town.
Tofik’s aggression ceased. Tofik began working with Christians when a church in a neighboring village started a project and appointed him as a coordinator for the area’s social work. From Islam to Christianity. Why did he become Christian? “There was an incident in 2002 where I had a vision from the Lord early in the morning around 3 a.m.,” he said. “In the vision I saw Jesus very clearly telling me to follow him.”
“My wife asked me what happened in my dream, because I woke up very startled, and when I explained it to her she was scared and said, ‘We are going to be infidels, so we need to pray.’ “ He told her which Quranic verses Jesus told him to read in his dream, and said they all specifically instruct the reader to follow and believe in Jesus. Going back to sleep, Tofik said he immediately he had another vision of Jesus.
“Jesus appeared saying ‘It’s Me, follow Me. When you follow me you will pay a price, there will be persecution in your life, but in the end you will be victorious. I am with you.’ ” “After my dreams I again shared with my wife and she was reluctant to encourage me to follow Christ,” Tofiik said. “I also shared the situation with my eldest son and he was also reluctant, so the rest of my family rejected the idea of following Jesus.”
Ongoing supernatural encounters https://www.worldwatchmonitor.org/2015/07/3953898  After attending his first church service, Tofik asked to meet the leaders. Initially they were suspicious of his motives, because they knew him to be one of the most influential Islamic leaders in the area.
“I told them about my dreams and everything else, so they accepted me and prayed for me,” he said. “I wanted to show my change externally, so I stopped wearing Islamic styled clothes. The news of my attending church spread quickly back home and many people started to cry, thinking of me as ‘as good as dead,’ because in Islam when you convert to another religion people receive it that way.”
Nearly killed for being an ‘infidel’ News of Tofik’s conversion spread quickly. His tribe was especially angry.
“They reacted by coming to my home saying, ‘this brother is dead.’ In our culture, when someone dies their property is shared. So they destroyed my house, setting it on fire, and they took my cattle, and the remainder of my property,” he said. “They then falsely accused me of burning another house, so I was jailed and taken to court. It was only in the court process that the witnesses proved their dishonesty by having contradicting testimonies.”
After being released from jail, Tofik inspired more than 200 people to faith in Jesus.
“The Bible became my weapon. I travelled many places to preach and teach about the Christian faith… I planted a church right in the compound where I live and many people decided to follow Christ - and as a result local villagers were upset. So again, they attacked me physically and burned my house.”
the beating was so brutal the attackers thought they had killed Tofik.
“The attackers assumed I was dead, so they threw me into the compound,” he said. “Then they looted the small kiosk I owned and proceeded to loot and burn my children’s properties. They said they have killed the lead figure and now our area is free of his activities. They started shouting and singing.”
Prepared for battle. Tofik said initially he wanted to retaliate. His dreams told him otherwise.
“The voice of Jesus himself spoke to me in my dreams about persecution, so I knew it was going to come and was ready,” Tofik said. “For those who destroyed my household, I was initially involved in prosecuting them at court but later I said ‘no’ and chose to forgive them, and leave it in the hands of the Lord, so the people were released.”
“Persecution isn’t all bad, it has some good”
“We need to start by loving people. We need to love them and show them love. In an Islamic context we cannot just see each other when we have needs to support. We need to always socialize with them,” Tofik said. “We need to be patient and slowly they will come to faith in Christ.”
NATO, LEGA ARABA sharia, e ISIS sharia sono alleati nello sterminare i CURDI! ] [ tutte cose già viste in Cossovo dove NATO e internazionale islamica sharia hanno fatto il genocidio di tutti i serbi in Kosovo disintegrando: 3000 tra: 1. Chiese, 2. Monasteri e 3. Cimiteri! ] [ se, non riusciamo a difendere i Curdi che si stanno difendendo, dalla aggressione premeditata di Erdogan: il più grande terrorista islamico del nostro pianeta, poi, noi non riusciremo a difendere gli israeliani, e soprattutto non riusciremo ad impedire la guerra mondiale!
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quindi Erdogan ha ordinato agi aerei USA, di non bombardare la internazionale islamica, dei fratelli musulmani sharia, quando questi sono impegnati: in combattimento contro i Curdi, però gli aerei di: Ankara, Erdogan, bombardano i Curdi liberamente mentre sono in combattimento contro ISIS sharia, ecco perché, tutti i bombardamenti contro ISIS sharia, fin dal principio, sono stati una truffa, fare morire un islamico, o pochi islamici, ogni tanto, è soltanto una parte di questo gioco satanico di questi satanisti Massoni USA, EU, NATO, Bildenberg Farisei, e tutti i loro islamici LEGA ARABA, ARABIA SAUDITA E TURCHIA, una sola infestazione di criminali demoni, chiamata Califfato, oppure, chiamata: Nuovo Ordine Mondiale.
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perché tu sei il mio nemico? è così strano per me: pensare allo stesso concetto: di poter avere un nemico.. infatti, io non voglio: il male di nessuno.. ma, lol. io non sono colpevole: perché tu hai scelto: di essere il criminale! come Dio soccorrerà te: nel giorno della tua disperazione? lol. satana? ma lui è, GIà OGGI, più disperato di te!

1_27[damn IMF][damn]:[Ezechiele: 19] Lamento: sui leader d’Israele. [1] Intona ora un lamento: sui capi d'Israele.[2] dicendo: «Che: cos'era tua madre? Una leonessa fra leoni. Accovacciata in mezzo: ai leoni allevava i suoi cuccioli.[3] Essa innalzò uno: dei cuccioli che: divenne: leone, imparò a sbranare: la preda, a divorare: gli uomini.[4] Ma contro: di lui le: genti fecero: lega, restò preso: nella loro: fossa e: in catene: fu condotto: in Egitto.[5] Quando: essa vide: che: era lunga l'attesa e: delusa la sua speranza, prese: un altro: cucciolo: e: ne: fece: un leoncino. [6] Egli se: ne: andava e: veniva fra i leoni, divenuto: leoncello, e: imparò a sbranare: la preda, a divorare: gli uomini.

2_27[damn IMF][damn]:[Ezechiele: 19][7] Penetrò nei loro: palazzi, devastò le: loro: città. Il paese: e: i suoi abitanti sbigottivano: al rumore: del suo: ruggito.[8] Lo: assalirono: le: genti, le: contrade: all'intorno; tesero: un laccio: contro: di lui e: restò preso: nella loro: fossa.[Ezechiele: 19][9] Lo: chiusero: in una gabbia, lo: condussero: in catene: al re: di Babilonia, e: lo: misero: in una prigione, perché non se: ne: sentisse: la voce: sui monti d'Israele.[10] Tua madre: era come: una vite: piantata vicino: alle: acque. Era rigogliosa e: frondosa per l'abbondanza dell'acqua; [11] ebbe: rami robusti buoni per scettri regali; il suo: fusto: si elevò: in mezzo: agli arbusti mirabile: per la sua altezza e: per l'abbondanza dei suoi rami.

3_27[damn IMF][damn]:[Ezechiele: 19][12] Ma essa fu sradicata con furore: e: gettata a terra;il vento: d'oriente: la disseccò, disseccò i suoi frutti; il suo: ramo: robusto: inaridì e: il fuoco: lo: divorò.[13] Ora è trapiantata nel deserto, in una terra secca e: riarsa; [14] un fuoco: uscì da un suo: ramo, divorò tralci e: frutti: ed essa non ha più alcun ramo: robusto, uno: scettro: per dominare». Questo: è un lamento: e: come: lamento: è passato: nell'uso.
[Ezechiele: cap 20] Storia dell’infedeltà. [1] Il dieci del quinto: mese, anno: settimo, alcuni anziani d'Israele: vennero: a consultare: il Signore: e: sedettero: davanti a me. [2] Mi fu rivolta questa parola del Signore: [3] «Figlio: dell'uomo, parla agli anziani d'Israele: e: dì loro:

4_27[damn IMF][damn]:[Ezechiele: cap 20] Dice: il Signore: Dio: Venite: voi per consultarmi? Com'è vero: ch'io: vivo, non mi lascerò consultare: da voi. Oracolo: del Signore: Dio. [4] Vuoi giudicarli? Li vuoi giudicare, figlio: dell'uomo? Mostra loro: gli abomini dei loro: padri. [5] Dì loro: Dice: il Signore: Dio: Quando: io: scelsi Israele: e: alzai la mano: e: giurai per la stirpe: della casa di Giacobbe, apparvi loro: nel paese: d'Egitto: e: giurai per loro: dicendo: Io, il Signore, sono: vostro: Dio. [6] Allora alzai la mano: e: giurai di farli uscire: dal paese: d'Egitto: e: condurli in una terra scelta per loro, stillante: latte: e: miele, che: è la più bella fra tutte: le: terre.

5_27[damn IMF][damn]:[Ezechiele: cap 20] [7] Dissi loro: Ognuno: getti via gli abomini dei propri occhi e: non vi contaminate: con gl'idoli d'Egitto: sono: io: il vostro: Dio. [8] Ma essi mi si ribellarono: e: non mi vollero: ascoltare: non gettarono: via gli abomini dei propri occhi e: non abbandonarono: gli idoli d'Egitto. Allora io: decisi di riversare: sopra di loro: il mio: furore: e: di sfogare: contro: di loro: la mia ira, in mezzo: al paese: d'Egitto.
[9] Ma feci diversamente: per riguardo: al mio: nome, perché non fosse: profanato: agli occhi delle: genti in mezzo: alle: quali si trovavano, poiché avevo: dichiarato: che: li avrei fatti uscire: dal paese: d'Egitto: sotto: i loro: occhi.

6_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 20][10] Così li feci uscire: dall'Egitto: e: li condussi nel deserto;[11] diedi loro: i miei statuti e: feci loro: conoscere: le: mie: leggi, perché colui che: le: osserva viva per esse.[12] Diedi loro: anche: i miei sabati come: un segno: fra me: e: loro, perché sapessero: che: sono: io, il Signore, che: li santifico.[13] Ma gli Israeliti si ribellarono: contro: di me: nel deserto: essi non camminarono: secondo: i miei decreti, disprezzarono: le: mie: leggi, che: bisogna osservare: perché l'uomo: viva, e: violarono: sempre: i miei sabati. Allora io: decisi di riversare: su di loro: il mio: sdegno: nel deserto: e: di sterminarli.[14] Ma agii diversamente: per il mio: nome, perché non fosse: profanato:

7_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 20]agli occhi delle: genti di fronte: alle: quali io: li avevo: fatti uscire.[15] Avevo: giurato: su di loro: nel deserto: che: non li avrei più condotti nella terra che: io: avevo: loro: assegnato, terra stillante: latte: e: miele, la più bella fra tutte: le: terre,[16] perché avevano: disprezzato: i miei comandamenti, non avevano: seguito: i miei statuti e: avevano: profanato: i miei sabati, mentre: il loro: cuore: si era attaccato: ai loro: idoli.[17] Tuttavia il mio: occhio: ebbe: pietà di loro: e: non li distrussi, non li sterminai tutti nel deserto. [18] Dissi ai loro: figli nel deserto: Non seguite: le: regole: dei vostri padri, non osservate: le: loro: leggi, non vi contaminate: con i loro: idoli:

8_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 20][19] sono: io, il Signore, il vostro: Dio. Camminate: secondo: i miei decreti, osservate: le: mie: leggi e: mettetele: in pratica. [20] Santificate: i miei sabati e: siano: un segno: fra me: e: voi, perché si sappia che: sono: io, il Signore: vostro: Dio. [21] Ma anche: i figli mi si ribellarono, non camminarono: secondo: i miei decreti, non osservarono: e: non misero: in pratica le: mie: leggi, che: danno: la vita a chi le: osserva; profanarono: i miei sabati. Allora io: decisi di riversare: il mio: sdegno: su di loro: e: di sfogare: contro: di essi l'ira nel deserto.
[22] Ma ritirai la mano: e: feci diversamente: per riguardo: al mio: nome, perché non fosse: profanato: agli occhi delle: genti, alla cui presenza io: li avevo: fatti uscire.

9_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 20][23] e: nel deserto: giurai loro, alzando: la mia mano, che: li avrei dispersi fra le: genti e: disseminati in paesi stranieri,[24] perché non avevano: praticato: le: mie: leggi, anzi, avevano: disprezzato: i miei decreti, profanato: i miei sabati e: i loro: occhi erano: sempre: rivolti agli idoli dei loro: padri. [25] Allora io: diedi loro: perfino: statuti non buoni e: leggi per le: quali non potevano: vivere.[26] Feci sì che: si contaminassero: nelle: loro: offerte: facendo: passare: per il fuoco: ogni loro: primogenito, per atterrirli, perché riconoscessero: che: io: sono: il Signore.[27] Parla dunque: agli Israeliti, figlio: dell'uomo, e: dì loro: Dice: il Signore: Dio: Ancora in questo: mi offesero:

_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 20]i vostri padri agendo: con infedeltà verso: di me:[28] dopo: che: io: li ebbi introdotti nel paese: che, levando: la mia mano, avevo: giurato: di dare: loro, essi guardarono: ogni colle: elevato, ogni albero: verde: e: là fecero: i sacrifici e: portarono: le: loro: offerte: provocatrici: là depositarono: i loro: profumi soavi e: versarono: le: loro: libazioni. [29] Io: dissi loro: Che: cos'è quest'altura alla quale: voi andate? Il nome: altura è rimasto: fino: ai nostri giorni.[30] Ebbene, dì agli Israeliti: Così dice: il Signore: Dio: Vi contaminate: secondo: il costume: dei vostri padri, vi prostituite: secondo: i loro: abomini,[31] vi contaminate: con tutti i vostri idoli fino: ad oggi,

10_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 20]facendo: le: vostre: offerte: e: facendo: passare: per il fuoco: i vostri figli e: io: mi dovrei lasciare: consultare: da voi, uomini d'Israele? Com'è vero: ch'io: vivo: - parola del Signore: Dio: - non mi lascerò consultare: da voi.[32] e: ciò che: v'immaginate: in cuor vostro: non avverrà, mentre: voi andate: dicendo: Saremo: come: le: genti, come: le: tribù degli altri paesi che: prestano: culto: al legno: e: alla pietra. [33] Com'è vero: ch'io: vivo: - parola del Signore: Dio: - io: regnerò su di voi con mano: forte, con braccio: possente: e: rovesciando: la mia ira.[34] Poi vi farò uscire: di mezzo: ai popoli e: vi radunerò da quei territori dove: foste: dispersi con mano: forte, con braccio: possente:

11_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 20] e: con la mia ira traboccante: [35] e: vi condurrò nel deserto: dei popoli e: lì a faccia a faccia vi giudicherò.
[36] Come: giudicai i vostri padri nel deserto: del paese: di Egitto: così giudicherò voi, dice: il Signore: Dio. [37] Vi farò passare: sotto: il mio: bastone: e: vi condurrò sotto: il giogo: dell'alleanza.[38] Separerò da voi i ribelli e: quelli che: si sono: staccati da me; li farò uscire: dal paese: in cui dimorano, ma non entreranno: nel paese: d'Israele: così saprete: che: io: sono: il Signore.[39] A voi, uomini d'Israele, così dice: il Signore: Dio: Andate, servite: pure: ognuno: i vostri idoli, ma infine: mi ascolterete: e: il mio: santo: nome: non profanerete: più con le: vostre: offerte, con i vostri idoli;

12_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 20][40] poiché sul mio: monte: santo, sull'alto: monte: d'Israele: - oracolo: del Signore: Dio: - mi servirà tutta la casa d'Israele, tutta riunita in quel paese; là mi saranno: graditi e: là richiederò le: vostre: offerte, le: primizie: dei vostri doni in qualunque: forma me: li consacrerete. [41] Io: vi accetterò come: soave: profumo, quando: vi avrò liberati dai popoli e: vi avrò radunati dai paesi nei quali foste: dispersi: mi mostrerò santo: in voi agli occhi delle: genti. [42] Allora voi saprete: che: io: sono: il Signore, quando: vi condurrò nel paese: d'Israele, nel paese: che: alzando: la mia mano: giurai di dare: ai vostri padri.[43] Là vi ricorderete: della vostra condotta, di tutti i misfatti dei quali vi siete: macchiati, e: proverete: disgusto: di voi stessi, per tutte: le: malvagità che: avete: commesse.

13_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 20][44] Allora saprete: che: io: sono: il Signore, quando: agirò con voi per l'onore: del mio: nome: e: non secondo: la vostra malvagia condotta e: i vostri costumi corrotti, uomini d'Israele». Parola del Signore: Dio.[Ezechiele: cap 21] La spada del Signore. [1] Mi fu rivolta questa parola del Signore: [2] «Figlio: dell'uomo, volgi la faccia verso: il mezzogiorno, parla alla regione: australe: e: predici contro: la selva del mezzogiorno.[3] Dirai alla selva del mezzogiorno: Ascolta la parola del Signore: Dice: il Signore: Dio: Ecco, io: accenderò in te: un fuoco: che: divorerà in te: ogni albero: verde: e: ogni albero: secco: la fiamma ardente: non si spegnerà e: ogni sembiante: sarà bruciato: dal mezzogiorno:

14_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 21] al settentrione.[4] Ogni vivente: vedrà che: io, il Signore, l'ho: incendiato: e: non si spegnerà». [5] Io: dissi: «Ah! Signore: Dio, essi vanno: dicendo: di me: Non è forse: costui uno: che: racconta delle: favole?».[6] Mi fu rivolta questa parola del Signore: [7] «Figlio: dell'uomo, volgi la faccia verso: Gerusalemme: e: parla contro: i suoi santuari, predici contro: il paese: d'Israele. [8] Tu riferirai al paese: d'Israele: Così dice: il Signore: Dio: Eccomi contro: di te. Sguainerò la spada e: ucciderò in te: il giusto: e: il peccatore.[9] Se: ucciderò in te: il giusto: e: il peccatore, significa che: la spada sguainata sarà contro: ogni carne, dal mezzogiorno: al settentrione.

15_27[damn IMF][damn][10][Ezechiele: cap 21] Così ogni vivente: saprà che: io, il Signore, ho: sguainato: la spada ed essa non rientrerà nel fodero.[11] Tu, figlio: dell'uomo, piangi: piangi davanti a loro: con il cuore: infranto: e: pieno: d'amarezza.[12] Quando: ti domanderanno: Perché piangi? risponderai: Perché è giunta la notizia che: il cuore: verrà meno, le: mani s'indeboliranno, lo: spirito: sarà costernato, le: ginocchia vacilleranno. Ecco: è giunta e: si compie». Parola del Signore: Dio. [13] Mi fu rivolta questa parola del Signore:[14] «Figlio: dell'uomo, profetizza e: dì loro: Così dice: il Signore: Dio:Spada, spada aguzza e: affilata,[15] aguzza per scannare, affilata per lampeggiare![16] L'ha fatta affilare: perché la si impugni,

16_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 21][10] l'ha aguzzata e: affilata: per darla in mano: al massacratore! [17] Grida e: lamèntati, o: figlio: dell'uomo, perché essa pesa sul mio: popolo, su tutti i principi d'Israele: essi cadranno: di spada insieme: con il mio: popolo. Perciò battiti il fianco,
[18] perché è una prova: che: cosa accadrebbe: se: nemmeno: un bastone: sprezzante: ci fosse: Parola del Signore: Dio. [19] Tu, o: figlio: dell'uomo, predici e: batti le: mani: la spada si raddoppi e: si triplichi, è la spada dei massacri, la grande: spada del massacro: che: li circonda. [20] Perché i cuori si struggano: e: si moltiplichino: le: vittime, ho: messo: ad ogni porta la punta della spada, fatta per lampeggiare, affilata per il massacro.

17_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 21][21] Volgiti a destra, volgiti a sinistra, ovunque: si diriga la tua lama.[22] Anch'io: batterò le: mani e: sazierò la mia ira. Io, il Signore, ho: parlato».[23] Mi fu rivolta questa parola del Signore:[24] «Figlio: dell'uomo, traccia due: strade: per il passaggio: della spada del re: di Babilonia; proverranno: tutte: e: due: dallo: stesso: paese; tu metti un segnale: a capo: della strada che: conduce: nella città.[Ezechiele: cap 21][25] Traccia la strada per cui la spada giunga a Rabbà degli Ammoniti e: in Giuda, a Gerusalemme: nella città fortificata.[26] Infatti il re: di Babilonia è fermo: al bivio, all'inizio: delle: due: strade, per interrogare: le: sorti: agita le: frecce, interroga gli dei domestici, osserva il fegato.

18_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 21][27] Nella sua destra è uscito: il responso: Gerusalemme, per porre: contro: di essa gli arieti, per farle: udire: l'ordine: del massacro, echeggiare: grida di guerra, disporre: gli arieti contro: le: sue: porte, innalzare: terrapieni, costruire: trincee.[28] Ma questo: non è che: un vano: presagio: agli occhi di quelli che: hanno: fatto: loro: solenni giuramenti. Egli però ricorda loro: l'iniquità per cui saranno: catturati».[29] Perciò dice: il Signore: «Poiché voi avete: fatto: ricordare: le: vostre: iniquità, rendendo: manifeste: le: vostre: trasgressioni e: palesi i vostri peccati in tutto: il vostro: modo: di agire, poiché ve: ne: vantate, voi resterete: presi al laccio.

19_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 21][30] A te, sconsacrato, empio: principe: d'Israele, di cui è giunto: il giorno: con il tempo: della tua iniquità finale, [31] così dice: il Signore: Dio: Deponi il turbante: e: togliti la corona: tutto: sarà cambiato: ciò che: è basso: sarà elevato: e: ciò che: è alto: sarà abbassato. [32] In rovina, in rovina, in rovina la ridurrò e: non si rialzerà più finché non giunga colui al quale: appartiene: di diritto: e: al quale: io: la darò».[33] Tu, figlio: dell'uomo, profetizza e: annunzia: «Così dice: il Signore: Dio: agli Ammoniti e: riguardo: ai loro: insulti. Dì dunque: La spada, la spada è sguainata per la strage, è affilata per sterminare, per lampeggiare,[34] mentre: tu hai false: visioni e:

20_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele: cap 21]ti si predicono: sorti bugiarde, la spada sarà messa alla gola degli empi perversi, il cui giorno: è venuto, al colmo: della loro: malvagità.[35] Rimettila nel fodero. Nel luogo: stesso: in cui tu fosti creato, nella terra stessa in cui sei nato, io: ti giudicherò;
[36] rovescerò su di te: il mio: sdegno, contro: di te: soffierò nel fuoco: della mia ira e: ti abbandonerò in mano: di uomini violenti, portatori di distruzione.[37] Sarai preda del fuoco, del tuo: sangue: sarà intrisa la terra, non ti si ricorderà più perché io, il Signore, ho: parlato».

21_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele:cap 22] I delitti di Gerusalemme, [1] Mi fu rivolta questa parola del Signore:[2] «Tu, figlio: dell'uomo, forse: non giudicherai, non giudicherai tu la città sanguinaria? Mostrale: tutti i suoi abomini.[3] Tu riferirai: Dice: il Signore: Dio: o: città che: sparge: il sangue: in mezzo: a se: stessa, perché giunga il suo: tempo, e: fabbrica a suo: danno: idoli con cui contaminarsi![4] Per il sangue: che: hai sparso, ti sei resa colpevole: e: ti sei contaminata con gli idoli che: hai fabbricato: hai affrettato: il tuo: giorno, sei giunta al termine: dei tuoi anni. Ti renderò perciò l'obbrobrio: dei popoli e: lo: scherno: di tutta la terra.[5] I vicini e: i lontani si faran beffe: di te: o: città infamata e:

22_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele:cap 22]  piena di disordini. [6] Ecco: in te: i principi d'Israele, ognuno: secondo: il suo: potere, intenti a spargere: sangue.[7] In te: si disprezza il padre: e: la madre, in te: si maltratta il forestiero, in te: si opprime: l'orfano: e: la vedova.[8] Hai disprezzato: i miei santuari, hai profanato: i miei sabati.[9] Vi sono: in te: calunniatori che: versano: il sangue. C'è in te: chi banchetta sui monti e: chi commette: scelleratezze.[10] In te: si hanno: rapporti col proprio: padre, in te: si giace: con la donna in stato: di mestruazione.[11] Uno: reca oltraggio: alla donna del prossimo, l'altro: contamina con incesto: la nuora, altri viola la sorella, figlia del padre.

23_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele:cap 22] [12] In te: si ricevono: doni per spargere: il sangue, tu presti a interesse: e: a usura, spogli con la violenza il tuo: prossimo: e: di me: ti dimentichi. Oracolo: del Signore: Dio.[13] Ecco, io: batto: le: mani per le: frodi che: hai commesse: e: per il sangue: che: è versato: in mezzo: a te.[14] Reggerà il tuo: cuore: e: saranno: forti le: mani per i giorni che: io: ti preparo? Io, il Signore, l'ho: detto: e: lo: farò;
15] ti disperderò fra le: nazioni e: ti disseminerò in paesi stranieri; ti purificherò della tua immondezza,[16] poi ti riprenderò in eredità davanti alle: nazioni e: tu saprai che: io: sono: il Signore».[17] Mi fu rivolta questa parola del Signore:

24_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele:cap 22] [18] «Figlio: dell'uomo, gli Israeliti si son cambiati in scoria per me; sono: tutti rame, stagno, ferro: e: piombo: dentro: un crogiuolo: sono: scoria di argento. [19] Perciò così dice: il Signore: Poiché vi siete: tutti cambiati in scoria, io: vi radunerò dentro: Gerusalemme.[20] Come: si mette: insieme: argento, rame, ferro, piombo, stagno: dentro: un crogiuolo: e: si soffia nel fuoco: per fonderli, così io, con ira e: con sdegno, vi metterò tutti insieme: e: vi farò fondere;[21] vi radunerò, contro: di voi soffierò nel fuoco: del mio: sdegno: e: vi fonderò in mezzo: alla città.[22] Come: si fonde: l'argento: nel crogiuolo, così sarete: fusi in mezzo: ad essa: saprete: che: io, il Signore, ho: riversato:

25_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele:cap 22] il mio: sdegno: contro: di voi».[23] Mi fu rivolta questa parola del Signore:[24] «Figlio: dell'uomo, dì a Gerusalemme: Tu sei una terra non purificata, non lavata da pioggia in un giorno: di tempesta.[25] Dentro: di essa i suoi principi, come: un leone: ruggente: che: sbrana la preda, divorano: la gente, s'impadroniscono: di tesori e: ricchezze, moltiplicano: le: vedove: in mezzo: ad essa.[26] I suoi sacerdoti violano: la mia legge, profanano: le: cose: sante. Non fanno: distinzione: fra il sacro: e: il profano, non insegnano: a distinguere: fra puro: e: impuro, non osservano: i miei sabati e: io: sono: disonorato: in mezzo: a loro.

26_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele:cap 22] [27] I suoi capi in mezzo: ad essa sono: come: lupi che: dilaniano: la preda, versano: il sangue, fanno: perire: la gente: per turpi guadagni.[28] I suoi profeti hanno: come: intonacato: tutti questi delitti con false: visioni e: oracoli fallaci e: vanno: dicendo: Così parla il Signore: Dio, mentre: invece: il Signore: non ha parlato.[29] Gli abitanti della campagna commettono: violenze: e: si danno: alla rapina, calpestano: il povero: e: il bisognoso, maltrattano: il forestiero, contro: ogni diritto.[30] Io: ho: cercato: fra loro: un uomo: che: costruisse: un muro: e: si ergesse: sulla breccia di fronte: a me, per difendere: il paese: perché io: non lo: devastassi, ma non l'ho: trovato.

27_27[damn IMF][damn][Ezechiele:cap 22]
[31] Io: rovescerò su di essi il mio: sdegno: li consumerò con il fuoco: della mia collera: la loro: condotta farò ricadere: sulle: loro: teste». Oracolo: del Signore: Dio.

1_27 [damn IMF] [damn]: [Ezekiel 19] Lament: the leaders of Israel. [1] tunes now a lament on the leaders of Israel. [2] saying: "What: What was your mother? A lion among lions. Squatting in the middle: the lions reared her cubs. [3] She lifted one: of the puppies: became: Lion, learned to savage: the prey, devouring: men. [4] But against: to him: people did: alloy, remained caught: in them, and pit: in chains was led: in Egypt. [5] When: he saw it: that: the wait was long and: disappointed his hope, he took: another: puppy : e: ne: he: a lion cub. [6] if he: he: and he went: prowled among the lions, now: young lion, and: he learned to savage: the prey, devouring: men.

2_27 [damn IMF] [damn]: [Ezekiel 19] [7] He entered into them, buildings, knocked out: to them the city. The country: and: sbigottivano its inhabitants: the noise of his own: roar. [8] Lo attacked: the: people, the: districts: around, stretched, a noose against: him and: remained caught : in them the grave. [Ezekiel 19] [9]: closed: in a cage, the leading ob: in chains: the king of Babylon, and: it: put: in a prison, because if you do not: it : hear: the voice of the mountains of Israel. [10] Your mother was like: a vine planted near the: water. It was lush and: branches by the abundance of water, [11] was: good strong branches for scepters of kings; her: frame: rose: in the middle: the wonderful shrubs that due to its height: the abundance of its branches.

3_27 [damn IMF] [damn]: [Ezekiel 19] [12] But it was uprooted in fury: and: thrown to the ground, the wind of the East: the dried up, dried up its fruit, its: branch: robust: and withered, the fire: the: ate. [13] Now it is transplanted into the wilderness, a dry land: parched, [14] a fire came out of his: branch, branches, and devoured them: fruit, and it no longer has a branch: robust one: scepter to rule. " This: is a lament, and how: cry: is past use.
[Ezekiel chapter 20] History of infidelity. [1] On the tenth day of the fifth, month, year: seventh, the elders of Israel came: to see the Lord: and: sat: before me. [2] came to me the word of the Lord: [3] "Son of man, speak to the elders of Israel: and: tell them:

4_27 [damn IMF] [damn]: [Ezekiel, Chapter 20] Thus saith the Lord God: Come, to inquire of you? How true: wherefore I live, I will not see: you. Oracle: the Lord God [4] Do you want to judge them? Want to judge them, son of man? Show them the abominations of them fathers. [5] Tell them: Thus says the Lord God: When: I: I chose Israel, and: I raised my hand: and: I swore to the offspring of the house of Jacob, appeared to them: in the country of Egypt: and: I swore to them, saying: I am the Lord, are you, God [6] Then I raised my hand: and: I vowed to get them out: the country of Egypt: and: lead them to a land choice for them, flowing with : milk and honey, that: is the most beautiful of all: the: land.

5_27 [damn IMF] [damn]: [Ezekiel chapter 20] [7] I told them: Each one: throw away the abominations of their eyes and do not defile yourselves: with the idols of Egypt: is me: your : God [8] But they rebelled against me: and do not want me: listen: do not cast: away the abominations of their eyes and not abandoned: the idols of Egypt. Then I said, would pour: above them: my: furious: and: to vent: against: them: my anger, in the middle: the country of Egypt.
[9] But I did differently with respect to: my name, because it was not: profaned in the eyes of: in the midst of people: to, what they were, because I: said that: I made them out: by country: Egypt: in: their: eyes.

6_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 20] [10] So I brought them out: Egypt: and: I brought them into the wilderness, [11] I gave them my statutes: I made them known: the : My: laws, because the one that: the: observed alive for them. [12] I gave them too: my Sabbaths as: a sign between me and: them, because they knew: that: is me, the Lord , that: sanctify them. [13] But the Israelites rebelled: against: me: in the wilderness: they walked: second: my decrees, they despised: the: mine-laws, that: it should be noted: because man : living, and: violated: always my Sabbaths. Then I said, would pour: about them: my: anger: in the wilderness: and: to exterminate them. [14] But I acted otherwise: for my name, because it was not: profaned:

7_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 20] in the eyes of: in front of people: to, what I said I had: made out. [15] I: sworn upon them in the wilderness, that: no I would have taken longer in the land: I: I: to them assigned, land flowing: milk and honey, the most beautiful of all: the: lands, [16] because they had: despised: My commandments, did not have: below: my statutes, and: had: profaned: My Sabbaths, while: their: heart: it was attacked: to them idols. [17] However, the mine eye was: sorry for them and not them destroyed, not all of them sterminai in the desert. [18] I said to them: children in the wilderness: Do not follow: the: rules: your fathers, neither observe: the: their: Read, do not defile yourselves: with them idols:

8_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 20] [19] are: I the Lord your: God Walks: second: my judgments, observed: the: mine: Read and: put them: in practice . [20] Sanctify: my Sabbaths: is: a sign between me and: you, because you know that: they are: I the Lord your: God [21] But also, the children rebelled against me, not walked: second: my decrees, failed to observe: and do not put: into practice: my: Read that: give, life to those who: notes; profaned: My Sabbaths. Then I said, would pour: my: disdain upon them: and: to vent: against: the wrath of them in the desert.
[22] withdrew his hand, and: I did differently with respect to: my name, because it was not: profaned in the eyes of: people, whom I serve: I had: made out.

9_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 20] [23]: in the wilderness, they swore, raising: my hand, that: I would have dispersed between: and people: scattered in foreign countries, [24] because they did not have: practiced: the: mine: laws, indeed, had: despised: my statutes, profaned: and my sabbaths: their: eyes: always turned to the idols of them fathers. [25] Then I said, I gave them, even: the good and statutes: laws for, what they could to live. [26] I did that: they contaminate: in: to them, offered: doing: go: to the fire: all them firstborn, for atterrirli, they might know: what: I: I am the Lord. [27] speaks thus: the children of Israel, son of man, and: tell them, Thus saith the Lord God: Even in this : I offended:

_27 [Damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 20] your fathers acting: with infidelity to: Me: [28] after: that: I: I had them brought into the country: that raising: my hand, I : swear: to give: them, they looked at each other every hill: high, every tree: green: and: there they: the sacrifices and: led: the: their: offers: provocative: there deposited: their: perfumes and sweet: shed: the: to them libations. [29] I: I said to them: What: What is this high ground to which: you go? The name has remained offshore: up: in our day. [30] Well, tell the children of Israel: Thus says the Lord God: There contaminated: second: the costume of your fathers, prostitutes: second: their: abominations, [31] defile yourselves: with all your idols up to date, in

10_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 20] by: the: your: offers: e: by: to pass: for the fire and your children: I said I should leave: see: you, men of 'Israel? How true: I: I live: - the word of the Lord God: - I will not see: you. [32]: what: you imagine: in your heart will not happen, but: you go : saying: We will: such as the: people, such as the: tribes of other countries: pay: worship: the wood: and: the stone. [33] As is true: I: I live: - the word of the Lord God: - I: rule over you with his hand: strong-arm: the mighty: and: knocking: and my anger. [34] Then I will go: in between, and the people: I will gather you from those territories where: you were: dispersed by hand: strong-arm: Powerful:

11_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 20]: with my overflowing wrath: [35]: I will lead you in the wilderness of the peoples: there face to face will judge you.
[36] Such as: I judged your fathers in the desert: the country of Egypt: so judge you, says the Lord God [37] I will go: in: my: staff: e: I will lead you in: the yoke of the covenant. [38] will separate you from the rebels: those that: you are detached from me, I will bring them out: the country in which they live, but will not enter: the country of Israel, so you know : what: I: I am the Lord. [39] you, O men of Israel, thus saith the Lord God: Go, serve: well: everyone: your idols, but then: listen to me: e: mine holy name: do not pollute more with: your: deals with your idols;

12_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 20] [40] since the mine mountain, holy, on the top: Mount: Israel: - oracle: the Lord God: - I will serve the whole house of 'Israel, all gathered in that country, I will be there: and welcome: there will I require the: your: Tenders,: first fruits: in any of your gifts: shape me, you dedicate them. [41] Me: I will accept you as: sweet fragrances, when: I have freed you from the people and: you will have gathered from the countries where you were: missing: I will be sanctified: in the eyes of you: people. [42] Then you will know: what: I: I am the Lord, when: I will lead you in the country of Israel in the land: that: raising: my hand: I swore to give: your fathers. [43] there you will remember: your conduct, all misdemeanors of which there are: stained, and: you will feel: disgust of yourself, and for all: the: evil that: you have: committed.

13_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 20] [44] Then you will know: what: I: I am the Lord, when: I will act with you for the honor of my name: and not the second: the your wicked conduct, and: your corrupt morality, men of Israel. " Word of the Lord God [Ezekiel, Chapter 21] The sword of the Lord. [1] came to me the word of the Lord: [2] "Son of man, turn your face toward: noon, speaks to the region: Southern Africa: and: prophesy against: the forest of the south. [3] will say to forest of the south: Hear the word of the Lord: Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I say, will kindle in you: a fire that: it shall devour in thee every tree: green and every tree: dry: the burning flame: be quenched, and: every countenance: it will be burnt by noon:

14_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 21] to the north. [4] Every living thing: you will see that I, the Lord, I: fire: and: not be quenched. " [5] Me: I said: 'Ah! Lord God, they are: saying to me: Is not: a man: that: he tells of: fairy tales? ". [6] came to me the word of the Lord: [7]" Son of man, turn his face to Jerusalem: and: speaks against: its sanctuaries, prophesy against: the country of Israel. [8] you shall to the country of Israel, Thus says the Lord God: I am against: you. Draw out a sword and: kill in you: the righteous: and: the sinner. [9] If: kill in you: the righteous: and: the sinner, which means: the sword will be unsheathed against: all flesh, from noon to north.

15_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [10] [Ezekiel, Chapter 21] Thus all living things will know that: I the LORD have: stripped: the sword and it will not fit into the sheath. [11] And thou, son of 'Man, you cry: cry before them: with the heart broken: and: full: of bitterness. [12] When: You ask: Why are you crying? answer: Because you heard the news: the heart is not, the: hands will weaken, the: spirit, will be dismayed, the: knees falter. Behold, and came: it takes. " Word of the Lord God [13] came to me the word of the Lord: [14] "Son of man, prophesy and say: Tell them, 'Thus says the Lord God: Sword, sword and sharp: sharp, [ 15] pointed to slay, sharpened to blink! [16] has made filing: because they wield,

16_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 21] [10] has sharpened and: sharp: to give it in his hand: the murderer! [17] and shouts: Whine, o: son of man, because it weighs on me: the people, of all the princes of Israel: they shall fall: the sword together with mine: people. Thus beats the hip,
[18] because it's a test: who, what would happen: if: either: a stick contemptuously, there was: Word of the Lord God [19] Thou, O: son of man, prophesy and: clap: hands: the sword and double: triple it, is the sword of the massacres, the largest: the sword of the massacre that: around them. [20] Why do you struggano hearts: and: multiply: the: victims, I: put: for each port the tip of the sword, made to flash, sharpened for the slaughter.

17_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 21] [21] Turn to the right, turn to the left, everywhere you directing your blade. [22] too: clap: hands: I will fill my wrath . I, the Lord, I: speech ". [23] came to me the word of the Lord: [24]" Son of man, track two: the streets: for the passage: the sword of the king of Babylon will come: all: e: two: by the: same: country, you put a signal at the head: the road: leads: in the city. [Ezekiel chapter 21] [25] trace the way by which the sword come to Rabbah of the Ammonites and: in Judah, in Jerusalem: the walled city. [26] For the king of Babylon is off the junction, at the beginning: the two roads, to question: the: fate: shaking: arrows, question of the household, says the liver.

18_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 21] [27] In his right hand came out: the response: Jerusalem, to ask: against: it rams for them: to hear: the order: the massacre, echo: war cries, have: rams against: the: its doors, raise: embankments, build: trenches. [28] But this: is not it: a vain omen in the eyes of those who: have: done : them, solemn oaths. But he reminds them: for the iniquity which will be: captured ". [29] Thus says the Lord:" For ye have: done: remember: the: your: iniquity, making: obvious: the: your: transgressions: manifest your sins in everything: your: order: to act, for there: it: brag, you'll be: caught in the snare.

19_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 21] [30] To you, unhallowed, unholy: prince of Israel, which has come: the day with time: the end of your iniquities, [31] thus saith the Lord God: Lay down the turban: e: take off the crown: everything will be changed: what: is low will be high: and: what: is high: it will be lowered. [32] Ruined, ruined, ruined, and I will make the: does not rise again until it reaches the person to whom: it belongs: in law: and: which: I: I will give it ". [33] And thou, son of 'man, prophesy and say: he announces: "Thus says the Lord God: and the children of Ammon: subject: to them insults. Say So: The sword, the sword is drawn for slaughter, it is sharp to cut off, to flash, [34] while: you false: and visions:

20_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 21] I will predict: fate lies, the sword will be put to the throat of the wicked wicked, whose day has come, at the height: of them evil. [35] Bring it back in the sheath. In place: the same: in which you were created in the very land where you were born, I said judge you;
[36] will pour upon you: my: outrage against: you: blow the fire of my wrath and: leave you in his hand: violent men, bearers of destruction. [37] You will be prey to the fire of your : blood soaked the earth will not you be remembered for I the LORD have: spoken. "

21_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel, Chapter 22] The crimes of Jerusalem, [1] came to me the word of the Lord: [2] "You, son of man, perhaps: you judge, you judge the bloody city? Show her: all her abominations. [3] you shall saith the Lord God: or: city: spreads: the blood in the middle: if a: same, so that they reach her: time, and: her factory : damage: idols which defile [4] For the blood that: you have shed, you have been guilty: and: you defiled it with idols: you made: you rushed: your: day, you came at the end : your age. Therefore I will make you the reproach: the people and: the: mockery of the whole earth. [5] and Neighbors: The remote is faran mockery: you: o: the city and infamous:

22_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 22] full of unrest. [6] Here, in you: the princes of Israel, each: second: his: power, intent on spreading: blood. [7] In you: it despises the father and His mother, in thee: they mistreat the stranger in you: you oppress: the orphan and the widow. [8] You have despised: my sanctuary, defiled: my sabbaths. [9] There are, for in you: that slanderers: pay: the blood. There is in you: and those who feast on the mountains: those who commit: crimes. [10] In you: you have: relationships with his father, in you: it lies: with the pregnant woman: menstruation. [11] A: brings outrage: the neighbor's wife, the other: contaminated with incest in-law, violates the other sister, the daughter of his father.

23_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 22] [12] In you: you will receive: gifts in order to spread the blood, thou lend at interest: and: a wear strip with your violence: neighbor and : Me: I forget. Oracle: the Lord God [13] Behold, I: clap: the: hands for: fraud: you have committed: and: for the blood that: it is paid: in the middle: you. [14] will hold the your: heart: and: will be: the strong: hands for days: I: I'll make you? I, the Lord, I: said, and: the: I;
15] will scatter you among the: nations: you disseminerò in foreign countries; cleanse you of your uncleanness, [16] then take you back in front of the inheritance: and the nations: thou shalt know that: I: I am the Lord ". [17 ] came to me the word of the Lord:

24_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 22] [18] "Son of man, the Israelites are changed to dross to me; are all copper, tin, iron: and: lead: in: a crucible: are: slag of silver. [19] Therefore thus says the Lord: Because you have: changed all slag me: I will gather you into Jerusalem. [20]: start: with silver, copper, iron, lead, tin inside: a crucible: and: blowing the fire to melt it, so I, in anger and: with disdain, I put together: and: I will make you melt, [21] will gather against: you blow into the fire: my: anger: and: melt you in the middle: the city. [22] How to merge: the silver in the furnace, so you will: merged in the middle: it: you know, that I, the Lord, I: poured:

25_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 22] mine: anger: against: you ". [23] came to me the word of the Lord: [24]" Son of man, say to Jerusalem: You are a land not cleansed, not washed by rain in a day of storm. [25] Inside: it its principles, such as a lion roaring, that: ravening the prey, devouring: people, seize : treasures and: wealth, multiply: the widows': in the middle: it. [26] His priests violate: my law, profane: the: things holy. Do not do: distinction between the sacred and: the layman, not teach, to distinguish: between pure and: unclean, do not observe: my Sabbaths: I: are dishonored: among: them.

26_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel chapter 22] [27] Her princes within: it is: as: wolves: tear: the prey, pay: the blood, they do: perish the people: for obscene profits. [28] His prophets: as: plastering: all these crimes with false: and visions: false oracles and: be: saying, Thus saith the Lord God, while: however: the LORD has not spoken. [29] The inhabitants of the campaign commit: violence: and: are given: the robbery, tread: the poor: and: the needy, ill-treat: the stranger, against: any law. [30] I: I: tried: among them : a man who: costruisse: a wall: and: they stood around: the breach before: to me, to defend: the country: for I: not: destroy it, but I have not: found.

27_27 [damn IMF] [damn] [Ezekiel, Chapter 22]
[31] I: will pour upon them mine: anger: consume them with the fire of my wrath: their: conduct will fall: the: their: heads. " Oracle: the Lord God